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How Yahoo! Google and MSN are helping to promote the Green Auto Shift

POINT ROBERTS, WA and DELTA, BC - July 2, 2007 - www.RenewableEnergyStocks.com, a leading global investor and industry portal for the renewable energy sector, reports on developments in green cars and how the top three search engines, Yahoo!, Google and MSN are helping to educate consumers and promote change and innovation in the automotive sector. As Tech sector leaders Bill Gates and Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page play a leading role in investing in and deploying Greentech, they are also a driving force in changing the highways of the future.

As consumers browse the new MSN Autos Green Central they can utilize the green information center to read green car news, editorial reviews, fuel-saving ideas and see what autos are currently rated as the top 5 green vehicles. (http://editorial.autos.msn.com/specials/green/default.aspx)

Yahoo! Autos launched the Yahoo! Autos Green Center in November 2006 http://autos.yahoo.com/green_center/ and has built a strong online following in the green space as consumers visit the site to view the top 100 Green Cars and research developments in hybrids, biofuel, electric and green autos. In announcing the launch, Yahoo! Autos reported, "According to a Yahoo! survey, one in every two people is interested in learning more about alternative fuel vehicles, which signals clear consumer demand for a product like the Green Center."

Yahoo! Autos, in partnership with Environmental Defense, developed a Green Rating determining the environmental impact of vehicles on a scale of 1-100. The Green Rating is based on tailpipe pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel economy and the manufacturing process, giving consumers the overall environmental friendliness of the autos on the list.
"The Green Center on Yahoo! Autos provides our users with the most comprehensive expert and social media content covering alternative fuel vehicles," said Michael Yang, Vice President and General Manager, Yahoo! Autos. He adds, "Whether you're searching for the top green rated vehicles or you want to connect with an online community of like-minded vehicle shoppers, the Green Center is home to the most relevant information impacting consumers today."
Google's mantra "Do No Harm" has taken on new dimensions as Google proactively promotes green auto initiatives through Google.org, its philanthropic arm. Google.org recently announced its RechargeIT initiative (www.google.org/recharge/ ) dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and oil dependence by helping to fund and bring plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to consumer markets.

Dr. Larry Brilliant, Executive Director of Google.org tells us, "Google is committed to using its resources to help solve the global climate challenge. Google.org is hybrid philanthropy, bringing together the active engagement of the broader Google Corporation, as well as investments in for-profits, traditional grants, policy work, and public information. RechargeIT brings together all of these elements to help accelerate progress on plug-ins. By demonstrating new clean energy technologies and how they can be connected to the grid, we hope to spur demand and encourage car manufacturers to make these vehicles commercially available on a large scale on an urgent basis."

Kirsten Olsen, program lead for the RechargeIT project stated, "At Google.org, we are committed to finding solutions that can dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions and offer alternatives to fossil fuels. We see plug-in hybrids and vehicle-to-grid applications as a significant step in greening the transportation sector and helping to mitigate global warming."

As consumers turn to the online information highways to research choices in alternative fuels, green car news, technology developments and current green auto ratings, the "Big Three" in search engines are enabling and empowering online users to make informed environmentally conscious decisions.

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