Tidal Energy set for sea-change in productivity

This press release exposes the great potential that tidal energy has whilst exploring concepts within the industry that could speed up the process of the technology being implemented efficiently.

Tidal energy, is more predictable than wind or solar and can produce 20% of the UK's current energy needs. Capturing four times more energy than anything air based, tidal energy has real potential. Increasing the commercial adoption rate of tidal technology requires increasing availability of proven technology and persistent government support. This would enable tidal technology to constantly evolve meeting the needs of society without compromising the economy or the environment.

But tidal energy won't come easy. Naturally there are challenges such as, regulation, security of supply chain issues, grid connection and network capacity. And no-one is minimising the difficulties that lie ahead. Nevertheless, tidal energy seems to be on course to meet the power needs of 1,600,000 UK homes by 2020, a figure that equates to three percent of the country's total electricity supply.

Tidal Today is set to address all the issues and more at the inaugural Tidal Energy Summit [www.tidaltoday.com/tidal07] on 28th and 29th November in London. Among the speakers at the event are BWEA, Lunar Energy, Marine Current Turbines and BERR.

Simon Meade, Chief Executive at Lunar Energy commented; "The time for tidal energy has now arrived. There is no more time for procrastination, only realistic targets and action. What are the prospects of this industry that is now out of the lab and into the water? The Tidal Energy Summit will provide a focused opportunity for discussing exactly what is happening now and what needs to happen in the future. We need proactive action from all stakeholders to make this work."

The feasibility of connecting tidal energy to the grid is hotly debated and will be addressed by Econnect at the summit. James Hunt, Managing Director at Econnect Consulting stated; "Tidal energy is developing at a tremendous rate, with new and exciting technologies constantly entering the market. Events such as this are extremely important to this new industry and to the renewables industry as a whole, by allowing information and resources to be shared freely amongst professionals. A vital piece to the puzzle is the grid connection of Tidal Energy. As experts in this arena, Econnect will be maximising on the benefit of the conference, offering help and advice on the day."

The wave of enthusiasm currently surrounding tidal energy means that devises are actually now moving beyond the prototype phase and the sea. Captain Peter Hodgetts, Director at SeaRoc, who both are involved in the installation and deployment of tidal devices, said; "It's an exciting time in the industry with device developers moving from prototype to commercial scale and an increasing number 'getting into the water'. It is a pleasure to be invited to be part of the event and contribute to the development of the industry"

The Tidal Energy Summit is happening on the 28th-29th November, Regent Park Marriott London. Visit www.tidaltoday.com/tidal07 to find out more about this who's-who event which has attracted top level speakers from across the entire supply chain and learn how you could qualify for up to £300 pounds discount on full prices.

The summit is independent and aims to drive forward the development of tidal energy and is the ideal way for you to contact decision makers, generate business leads and qualify your business in this emerging market. Covering more than just technological challenges.

Louise Gray
+44 (0) 207 375 7159

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