PowerHouse Enterprises Partners with National Fiber and Old Castle

PowerHouse Enterprises Unveils First Green Home with Cellulose Insulated Foundation, Providing Increased Thermal and Sound Insulation and Protection Against Moisture and Mold

Lawrence, Mass September 21, 2007 PowerHouse Enterprises, a leading green living company, announced today that they have partnered with National Fiber, a leading manufacturer of cellulose insulation and Old Castle, a leading producer of construction materials, particularly precast cement, to develop the first cellulose insulated home foundation, a feature that will provide increased protection against moisture, mold, vermin, sound and fire. The foundation of the home was installed on Monday, Sept. 10 at 79 Market Street in Lawrence. With the foundation completed, the rest of the house will be constructed throughout the next couple weeks.

Currently used by many developers to provide better insulation in exterior walls, this will be the first house to offer cellulose in a pre-cast foundation. Cellulose insulation, which is made of inter-locking fibers of recycled newsprint, differs from the conventional fiberglass foundation because it is able to block heat transfer at temperatures below freezing. It also requires far less energy to produce than fiberglass or foam products and is made of primarily recycled material.

"With an increasing demand for the benefits of green living, PowerHouse Enterprises is devoted to the development of strategies that enable the health, safety, cost savings and environmental advantages to become mainstream, affordable options for everyone," said PowerHouse Enterprises President, A. Quincy Vale, Esq. "The cellulose insulated foundation we are bringing to the market today will provide added energy efficiency and added durability to the home without any significant increase in cost over a conventional foundation."

"We are excited to partner with both Old Castle and PowerHouse to develop this foundation. Together, we have produced a product that will protect against the elements, eliminating air flow and ensuring a durable sustainable foundation that will last the life of the house," said Bill Sovie, technical sales manager at National Fiber.

The house on Market Street, when completed, will provide long-term health, maintenance and operational benefits by virtue of consisting of numerous preferable features including sustainable and durable materials, energy efficient solar panels, heat recovering ventilation, efficient appliances and lighting, low flow toilets and showers, and many, many more items.

This PowerHouseTM single family home is one of several designs offered by PowerHouse Enterprises, which also includes multi-family homes and the PowerPod, a small stand alone unit that can function as an office or small apartment. PowerHouse-brand homes are being built by developers, builders and homeowners throughout Massachusetts and New England. For more information, go to www.powerhouse-enterprises.com.

About PowerHouse Enterprises, Inc.

Founded in 2003, PowerHouse Enterprises, Inc., based in Lawrence, Mass. is transforming the residential construction marketplace with its innovative designs, specifications and resources capable of implementation by developers and builders targeting virtually any style and demographic. Homes built via the proprietary PowerHouseTM system have amenities on par with other homes for sale at the price point in the neighborhood, while at the same time drastically reducing utility bills and maintenance costs by incorporating energy efficient designs and components, their own power generation devices, and healthy systems and features, all wrapped in stylish design. PowerHouseTM homes are routinely capable of certification at the highest levels recognized by the United States Green Building Council, placing PowerHouse Enterprises in a class of its own.

About National Fiber

National Fiber has been producing and providing cellulose insulation and hydro-seeding to the Northeast since 1978. Located in Belchertown, MA, National Fiber offers cellulose insulation, the only "green", high-performance, energy efficient insulation available. Benefits of cellulose include superior protection against moisture, mold, vermin, sound, & fire.

About Old Castle

Oldcastle Materials, a North American division of the international building and distribution company, Oldcastle, is the leading U.S. producer of construction aggregates, asphalt and ready mix concrete. They have four regional groups; New York/New Jersey, New England, Central, and West.

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