The Solar Energy Consortium announces far-reaching academic coalition.

Cornell University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Clarkson University, The State University of New York at Binghamton and The State University of New York at New Paltz joining nonprofit, industry lead group. Launching photovoltaic research drive.

Kingston, NY, November 15, 2007: Dr. John Harrington, Vice President for Research and Development of The Solar Energy Consortium - TSEC announced today the establishment of a broad academic coalition to advance the Photovoltaic industry. "We are united by goals for photovoltaic systems. These goals are doubling the efficiency, halving the cost, simplifying the installation and creating forms suitable in urban environments," explained Dr. Harrington. "We seek joint and collaborative opportunities to advance our common goals using the unique skills and research facilities at each of these institutions. Our collaboration not only consists of sharing these skills and facilities, but also in proposing seeking funding for and conducting joint research and in actively communicating with industry. The technical expertise and synergy between these academic institutions cannot be matched anywhere in the world, making this model effective for the advancement of solar energy systems both in basic research and in speeding the diffusion of results to industry." Harrington explained.

TSEC CEO Vincent Cozzolino described this strategy, "TSEC will be the conduit for the concerted advancement and utilization of solar energy in New York. These collaborative interactions will boost our state's share of federal research dollars and so speed attaining our shared cost, efficiency, and simplicity and building integration goals. This collaboration provides the framework for advancing new ideas in solar research, an interface between industry and the academy. TSEC conveys engineering concerns and constraints, transfers technology to pilot manufacture and provides the final links to enable full scale production in new or existing companies.

TSEC helps find problems from industry for researchers to work on and solutions for industry to drive down the cost, up the efficiency, simplify the installation and create the PV forms best suited to urban environments. The scale and breath of this academic consortium is unique in this country and in this industry. Joint applications by research institutions are becoming a preferred method by federal funders particularly when joined by an industry partner" explained Cozzolino.
The Solar Energy Consortium-TSEC
The Solar Energy Consortium- TSEC is a new industry-driven, non-profit, 501(c) 3, organization that provides leadership, organization, resources, and support for the establishment of a major solar energy industry cluster in New York's Hudson Valley. This TSEC will be the first organization of its kind for the photovoltaic industry, encompassing research and development, manufacturing facilities, industry promotion and market development.

TSEC's mission is to:
Double the efficiency of photovoltaic systems
Halve the cost of solar energy systems
Simplify the installation of solar energy systems
Develop the unique forms that will make solar energy effective in high-rise environments

TSEC will accomplish this mission by creating a cluster of solar energy industries in the Hudson Valley, and by cultivating its success and growth. TSEC is already reaching out to leading and diverse solar energy companies, and to universities and other research groups whose participation will create the unique TSEC combination of functions.
By building a comprehensive industry cluster, and providing the top-notch professional organization to support its growth, TSEC will give the Hudson Valley and New York State a strong, competitive advantage in the solar energy products market.

The functions TSEC combines are:
Solar industry advancement and advocacy, industry and public education, market development, pilot manufacturing, shared services business incubation, research and development and Prime contracting for research and development funding,
John Harrington is the Dean Emeritus of SUNY New Paltz School of Engineering and a well known physical chemist.
Vincent Cozzolino is a recently retired Vice President in IBM's Int1egrated Operations division. In his career at IBM, He led global teams in the design and delivery of high tech components, computer systems, and IT services. He is well known in the computing, manufacturing and semiconductor industries.
The Solar Energy Consortium is a 501(C) 3 not for Profit Corporation located in the Town of Ulster. It has been in operation since spring of 2007.

For more information contact:

Blair Goodman
Director of Marketing and Communications
The Solar Energy Consortium
343 Old Neighborhood Road
Kingston, New York 12466
Office: 845-336-0100

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