The First Miles Electric Vehicles of 2008 Delivered to Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale State College, a Long Island hub for new technology and academic progress since 1912, took its first delivery of six MILES all electric vehicles from Amityville, NY based dealer, Motorworks Clean Vehicles, in early January 2008.

"Farmingdale State College is proactive in exploring energy savings and in reducing carbon emissions on our campus," said Dr. Hubert Keen, President of the College. "Of the school's 50 fleet vehicles, many are now flex-fuel or all electric. Additionally, our Solar Energy Center is the site of the first utility scale photovoltaic demonstration project in the northeast U.S.A. and we plan to a build an alternative fuel area on campus and expand our solar panel array to recharge our growing electric fleet."

After a week of use, Farmingdale State College Physical Plant is thrilled with the six MILES ZX40S cars. "They're great. The guys like them because they feel like they're an actual car and, because they are small, they can get close to the buildings," said Mark Orhlich, Operations Manager of Physical Plant for Farmingdale State College. "Our heating plant, mail room, plumbing and custodial services staff have been using the cars. They all agree they're easy to operate. We will replace some of our older fleet vehicles this year, and are looking forward to testing the electric truck from Miles Electric Vehicles." he said.

Motorworks Clean Vehicles, the dealership that sold Farmingdale State College its MILES vehicles, is a great proponent of making a difference now. As a stakeholder in both the New York and Long Island Clean Cities Coalitions, they have the opportunity to share their commitment to reduce carbon emissions with users and suppliers of alternative energy vehicles.

"We just moved to a new location at 111 Sunrise Highway in Amityville, where we're awaiting our permits to begin construction for an electric car showroom," said the owner, Gary Birke. "But, we're not wasting any time - we're currently distributing and servicing MILES all electric vehicles and introducing the vehicles to many municipalities and universities in the area." Motorworks Clean Vehicles is happy to demo their all electric MILES cars and trucks to anyone who could use them and has an interest in reducing emissions and reliance on foreign oil.

Media Contact:
Kara Saltness
310-390-4890 ext. 311

Local Contact
Hugh McIvor
Motorworks Clean Vehicles Inc.
631 608 4380

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