10 Year Global Cooling Program by WaterSmart Environmental, Inc.

A design-finance-build-own-operate wastes-to-renewable energy, organic foods, biofuels, and water independence technology coupled with the conversion of fossil fueled power plants to zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Subject: 10 Year Biowastes-To-Renewable Energy, Organic foods, Biofuels, and Water Independence Global Cooling program that features…

• Inexpensive Electricity for all,
• Free Potable Water for all,
• Free Trash Collection for all,
• Conversion of all fossil fueled power plants to zero greenhouse gas emissions,
• Total employment for the common man,
• Significantly increased profits for fossil fueled power plant utilities, and
• A resulting oil and gas surplus for every country that decides to participate.

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc. announces its intention to reverse global warming within 10 years. The reversing of global warming is achieved through consumptive depletion of anthropogenic greenhouse gases coupled with the capturing of water vapor produced from fossil fueled power plants. Converting fossil fueled power plants to zero greenhouse gas emissions is first such activity. Producing and then using renewable natural gas is another such activity. Producing and then using biodiesel is the last such activity.

Above referenced inexpensive electricity refers to a retail price of US$0.045/kWh (4-1/2 cents/kWh). Above referenced free potable water refers to water of a much better quality than that provided by municipalities since it will be both purified and sterile. Above referenced free trash collection refers to the use of company trucks and personnel to collect trash at homes and businesses. The company will additionally excavate area landfills and thereafter remediate the associated ground and contaminated aquifer thereby restoring the land for industrial development. The company will then manage the municipal solid wastes (MSW) through anaerobic digestion technology to produce methane gas and carbon dioxide gas. The methane gas will be used to generate electricity and the carbon dioxide gas will be used to create biodiesel through photosynthesis of Spirulina microalgae.

In converting fossil fueled power plants to zero greenhouse gas emissions each participating country can increase its per capita availability of oil (biodiesel) to 5.75 gallons/Day thus greatly exceeding the current United States per capita availability of petroleum based oil currently at 3.0 gallons/Day.

In converting fossil fueled power plants to zero greenhouse gas emissions each particiating country can increase its per capita availability of natural gas (renewable methane gas) to 1,148 cubic feet thus greatly exceeding the current United States per capita availability currently at 194 cubic feet/Day.

Because of the immense attention being paid to climate change in the last few years there are many proposed fossil fueled power plants in the United States that cannot obtain required permits to operate. Should this regulatory agency permit refusal continue a shortage of marketplace electricity will likely occur. It is hoped that the regulatory agencies will reconsider their position in light of the technology disclosed herein. Proposed fossil fueled power plants in other countries are facing the same climate change opposition. The power companies are fully expected to welcome the technology as their now turned green electricity can then be sold at an internal balance sheet price of US$0.25/kWh (25 cents/kWh). The attached presentation explains how.

WaterSmart Environmental is marketing its Kyoto Protocol compliant wastes-to-energy technology on an economic development platform to concentrated animal feeding operators and to municipalities. Animal farmers benefit by purchasing biodiesel, electricity, and natural gas (methane) at a 20% discount from retail. Municipalities also benefit by making biodiesel, electricity, natural gas, and potable water available to its citizens and businesses at a discount from retail. The technology is marketed on a build-own-operate basis thereby eliminating the necessity for local sales and property tax increases since project financing is entirely secured from the financial marketplace. Municipalities that embrace the waste-to-energy technology automatically become zero waste-to-landfill communities.

The waste-to-renewable energy technology has been slowly developed over the last 10 years. It is just now being introduced to the international marketplace. The technology has the clear potential for making every single city throughout the world energy and fuels independent while reducing and eventually eliminating oil and natural gas imports. The technology will also permit every single city through-out the world to improve water and wastewater treatment infrastructure while creating jobs and investment opportunities. The waste-to-energy technology can also be applied to Sugar Cane Mills as well as Pulp & Paper Mills with equal success. Both types of mills become energy, food, fuels, and water independent while significantly increasing profits from routine operations. In the case of Sugar Cane Mills temporary and seasonal jobs turn into full time better paying jobs. Widespread use of the technology carries with it the potential for contributing substantially to the reversing of global warming.

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc. is a provider of waste-to-energy, food independence, water independence, and energy independence technologies and a manufacturer of highly engineered water purification components and systems. The company designs and builds a wide variety of water treatment equipment including packaged water and wastewater treatment plants, UltraPaqTM aerobic package plants, OAT(TM) Process anaerobic digesters with associ-ated energy production, aerators, filters, PuriSepTM and SmartWaterTM oil/water and solids/liquids separators, RainDrainTM perimeter trench sand filters for stormwater runoff, dissolved air flotation separators, air strippers, complete skid assembled aqueous waste treatment plants, FilterFreshTM skid mounted potable water production plants, skid mounted wastewater treatment systems for laundromats, commercial laundries, and car/truck wash facilities with water reclamation and reuse, softeners, demineralizers, activated carbon treatment equipment, and water purifiers for domestic and international markets.

WaterSmart Environmental is a Worldwide Promoter of Renewable Energy, Organic Foods, Biofuels, & Water Independence Technologies by and for the Common Man.

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