Agilewaves' Resource Monitor has been deployed in Hillsborough, CA's LEED Gold Nueva School, and will monitor gas, electricity and water output, solar input and the conditions of the Rana Creek living roofs, including storm water retention and filtration.

April 11, 2008 -- Palo Alto, CA. Agilewaves, Inc., leading provider of conservation technology solutions, today announced the deployment of its flagship product, the Resource Monitor' into the Pre K-8 independent Nueva School, in Hillsborough, CA. The system is the most in-depth monitoring device ever installed in a school and will be used to measure and display both standard utilities (gas, electricity and water), and the impact of innovative green architectural systems on the buildings' overall carbon footprint. The information gleaned from the Agilewaves Resource Monitor will be featured in the school's science curriculum and will serve as a tool for facilities managers.

Based on the proven notion that quantitative feedback drives behavioral change , the Agilewaves Resource Monitor delivers real-time information about gas, electricity and water use so that consumers can make informed choices about their consumption of these utilities. This system also measures the impact of the innovative green building technologies that contributed to the Nueva School winning the 2007 AIA architectural design award.

The Nueva School's green innovations include a 30 kW solar system and two "living roofs". Designed by ecological design firm Rana Creek, the school's roofs are planted with native grasses and wild flowers that not only preserve the area's natural ecosystem, but also help to insulate the buildings, reduce the energy required to heat and cool them, mitigate storm water runoff and minimize the heat-island effect. The plants selected for the Nueva School roofs also provide a natural habitat for the endangered Bay Checkerspot butterfly.

Agilewaves and Rana Creek worked with the San Francisco Estuary Institute to determine the performance characteristics of the roofs that the Agilewaves Resource Monitor measures, including:

1) Thermal insulation and cooling through water loss by vegetation and evaporation (evapotranspiration): Agilewaves monitors the temperature, humidity and soil moisture to provide real time data about the efficacy and general condition of the roof for maintenance and management.
2) Stormwater mitigation/retention: Agilewaves monitors the flow of stormwater through the roof
3) Stormwater filtration: Agilewaves monitors the quality of the water coming off the living roof as the soil and roots filter pollutants

"The Nueva School is committed to teaching our students about human impact on the environment, so we are thrilled with the deployment of this unique innovation," said Diane Rosenberg, executive director Nueva School. "The Resource Monitor gives Nueva School a way to measure the impact of our proactive environmental initiatives and our students a state-of-the-art pedagogic tool for learning about how we can mitigate climate change. Additionally, it will be a vital tool for the facilities managers to monitor the conditions and efficacy of the living roof to maintain the roof's health."

"Agilewaves, together with Rana Creek and the San Francisco Estuary Institute, has merged the disciplines of science, technology and design, to deliver a solution to a significant and urgent problem: quantifying energy waste from buildings that has until now, been impossible to measure," said Peter Sharer, CEO Agilewaves. " We are excited to be pushing the boundaries of the Resource Monitor to drive widespread adoption of green technologies."

About Agilewaves
Founded in 2006, Agilewaves is a leader in conservation technology, providing the most in-depth building utilities management solutions available on the market. The flagship Resource Monitor' displays on a touch-screen or custom website a building's activity and vital statistics, including gas, electricity and water usage and solar power input. Users of the Resource Monitor are able to understand and therefore reduce their utility consumption. Agilewaves' Resource Monitors are for residential, small business, and educational use. Agilewaves is a member of the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3). Agilewaves is based in Palo Alto and is privately held. For more information, visit

About Nueva School
Founded in 1967, Nueva is a nationally recognized independent school serving gifted and talented students. Nueva, prekindergarten-eighth grade, emphasizes integrated studies, creative arts, and social-emotional learning. Nueva offers a constructivist program, project-based learning, and special area teachers in the arts, reading, math, science, music, physical education, and social-emotional learning. For more information, visit

About Rana Creek
Founded in 1997, Rana Creek offers a broad range of environmental planning, ecological design/build and AEC services dedicated to sustainable solutions for rural landscapes and built environments. Rana Creek manages each project from concept design development to the complete issuance of construction documents, including managing plant propagation, landscape and living roof installation, ecological maintenance and monitoring. Rana Creek is located in Carmel Valley and is privately held. For more information, visit


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