From Green at Business to Business that is Green Univenture Celebrates Earth Day

This year marks the twentieth anniversary for Univenture Inc., a company founded with the single purpose of providing alternative products that are better for the environment than traditional items.

Company Celebrates Its 20 Year Commitment to Environmentally Responsible,

Bio-based Plastics and Packaging Products

Marysville, OH - April 18, 2008 -- Univenture, Inc. is an award-winning
inventor and manufacturer of a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging, document
storage and marketing mailers. Earth Day 2008 has a special meaning for
Univenture, Inc. The company designs and manufactures media packaging for
leading companies in the entertainment, software and publishing industries.
This year marks the twentieth anniversary for what began, and continues to be,
a company founded with the single purpose of providing alternative products
that are better for the environment than traditional items.

Univenture was founded 20 years ago at the start of the Compact Disc revolution
with the concept of reducing the plastic in the jewel box by 93%. As a
boot-strapped start-up, the company went on to be listed five times in the Inc.
500 list of fastest growing privately held companies. The company's newest
brand, and its founder's most recent invention, is EcoEndure: a culmination of
all Univenture's patented and proprietary technologies that are ideal for
manufacturing a variety of emerging eco-friendly materials.

Ross Youngs, Univenture's CEO and Founder stated, "Univenture invests heavily
to remain aware of evolving opportunities within the field of 'green' materials
relating to products and packaging. Our goal is to take advantage of all
commercially viable technologies at early stages in order to benefit our
customers. Our clients depend on us to provide insight on viable sustainable
materials and technologies. Complete sustainability is our ultimate objective
while increasing both Univenture's and our clients' market share and profits."

Al Gore's now iconic documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth", landed on retail
shelves enclosed in a distinctive EnvyPak sleeve made by Univenture with
EarthFirst® PLA film from Plastic Suppliers made with Ingeo(TM) polymer.
Univenture's EnvyPak technology was the only process that could manufacture
retail packaging that met the requirements for sustainable and reduced
packaging materials.

"The typical plastic DVD case was shunned by producers and Mr. Gore in favor of
minimal packaging in a recycled cardboard sleeve. Sealing this sleeve for
retail in clear EarthFirst®PLA film would wrap up the whole message
perfectly," commented David Coho - Univenture Vice President of Sales at the
recent Green Media Summit.

Always on the forefront of environmentally friendly packaging design, former
SBA Business Person of the Year Ross Youngs has recently introduced EcoEndure
as the brand that will take Univenture's products and inventions to the next
level. The company has continued to develop Youngs' patented products and
proprietary technologies of UniKeep and EnvyPak to utilize virtually all of the
emerging sustainable and biodegradable plastics that will provide industry and
consumers functional and responsible product choices.

"UniKeep(TM) has stepped up as a leader in our region by showcasing how a
business can be sustainable with the simple effort of purchasing biodegradable,
recycled office supplies," says Leslie Strader, Senior Education Coordinator,

"We love the product-it's great for the environment and a great way to make a
hang tag for the collection," said Joshua and Jules Fischer, owners of
California Rising. "Our company is dedicated to conserving the environment,
and Univenture is a partner in that cause." California Rising, is an
environmentally proactive clothing line.

EcoEndure(TM) can be manufactured in PLA or bio poly using Univenture's
EnvyPakT technology. The EcoEndure product is especially suited for products
such as badge holders, since traditional badge holders are made from PVC and
inevitably destined for the waste stream. The standard size EcoEndure badge
holder fits most popular badge sizes and is perfect for events.

EcoEndure badge kits feature:
- Reduced weight by 54% requiring less energy to transport.*
-Reduced in size by 72% = more product per cube
- Reduced transportation energy by 87%
*Based on total package weight.

EcoEndure environmentally responsible packaging is offered with three
significant alternative materials. Corn that is renewable and sustainable is
the basis for PLA (polylactic acid) film. Biodegradable polypropylene with EBD
(enhanced bio decomposition), is economical, recyclable and compostable.
Polypropylene that is also economical with 85% recycled content can be
recycled, re-used and is archival for paper or digital products.

The View Case EnviroBinder(TM) is manufactured from 85% recycled content. It
offers solutions for kits and publications that can be economically customized
with laser printed inserts or imprinted for maximum impact. "Eco Endure
EnviroBinders have recently been selected for a teacher training project in
Africa because of their durability and because they are eco-friendly," stated
Jim Geers, Univenture's Director of Sales.

Univenture is dedicated to the ongoing research and development of
environmentally responsible packaging products achieved through design
innovation and materials assessment. Other factors Univenture addresses in its
development and commercialization of new products are ease of manufacturing,
reduced manufacturing and shipping costs. Most Univenture products are "Made in
the USA". The company does this while implementing industry acceptable or
governmental standards (EU & USA) using environmentally friendly material and

Univenture products include: EcoEndure badge holders, UniKeep(TM) media storage
wallets and three ring binders, EnvyPak(TM) direct mail envelopes, and
Safety-sleeve(R)media packaging. Also offered are PLA packaging products.
Univenture's innovative solutions for molded and converted plastics capitalize
on the company's in-house design, molding and converting technologies,
providing solutions for the toughest packaging challenges.

Univenture has sales and manufacturing operations in Marysville, Ohio; Reno,
Nevada; Dublin, Ireland and Shenzhen, China. For more information visit or or call 800-992-8262.

Press Contact:
Doris Emich
Antarra Communications
(856) 626-0190

Corporate Contact:
Johanna Espinosa
Marketing Director
(937) 645-4617

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