Wood energy has the potential to be the main energy deliverer

Leading trade fair IHE® WoodEnergy provides information in Augsburg

Rising oil and gas prices through increasing mobility requirements, growing energy demands and the scarcity of fossil commodities means that the sustainability of energy supplies are more necessary than ever before. The heating sector accounts for 57% of all energy use making the scarcity of oil and gas especially noticeable within this area. However where the transfer to renewable primary products could be well realisable not only technically but also economically the potential of renewable energy is still a long way from being utilised.

In the process all forth in the use of wood energy in the highly modern energy plants are offered the chance to strengthen medium-sized businesses and render not only thousands of jobs but make a contribution to care and preserve our forests: The federal forest inventory II showed in Autumn 2006 that to date only 60% of the enormity in the German forests which had wood energy potential, were being used. Additionally energy from wood renders a massive support for climate protection.

In the sector of pellet boilers as well as in the biomass heat and power plants sector for local heat networks, the break in sales value in Germany in 2006 shows again an increasing demand. To use the potential of wood energy as a main heat supplier, the innovative technologies will also be needed for export. Investing in the development of the wood energy branch is vital for the economy.

However, to introduce wood strongly onto the energy market, all involved companies and individuals must concentrate their power and the general conditions arranged accordingly. Exchanges between experts, further development of newer ideas and industry information are just as essential for the political decision makers and the public.

One central platform for knowledge exchange and information is offered by the trade fair IHE® WoodEnergy from the 9th to the 12th of October 2008 within the framework of RENEXPO® in Augsburg. IHE® as well as the accompanying 8th International BBE (German Bioenergy Association) conference, has established itself as the most important meeting point for wood energy and biomass in Germany.

Topics of the IHE® includes topics ranging from the scrap wood preparation, pellet manufacturing technology, energy and heat generation from pellet, split log, firewood and wood chip heating facilities, fireplace and tiled stoves to wood heating plants as well as wood carburators, cooling with biomass and stirling as well as steam turbine power plant.

The BBE (German Bioenergy Association) conference will inform about approved measures with well-known speakers from politics, business and associations about the most current developments in the sector. The boom in economics and business cycle of bioenergy, the current amendments of renewable energy laws and the repercussions for wood energy, innovation for energy and heat generation from biomass, sustainability and efficiency of biomass allocation, wood in the heat market as well as financing and safeguarding of wood energy projects will be discussed.

RENEXPO® offers simultaneously an overview in the entire scope of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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