Navman Joins the People's Eco-Rally - Encouraging Greener Driving

Revolve's Eco-Rally from Brighton to London - 21st June 2008

Revolve's Eco-Rally from Brighton to London - 21st June 2008

LONDON, June, 2008: GPS pioneer Navman offers its expertise in route planning to sustainable transport organisation, Revolve. As part of the annual People's Eco-Rally, celebrity enthusiasts Quentin Wilson, Lisa Rogers and Robert Llewellyn, will join members of the public to drive from Brighton to London in the greenest way they can. Promoting economical and greener driving, Navman has pledged the flagship S90i GPS device to each of the eco-rally vehicles taking part, assisting them in arriving via the most efficient route. For the five greenest drivers and vehicles on the day, the device will be theirs' to own!

Navman GPS devices offer the most up to date TeleAtlas maps, with 100% street network coverage for all major European countries - meaning no more getting lost at home or abroad. With the additional benefit of the S90i's onboard camera, competitors will be able to take geo-tagged Navpix of their journey along the way and upload to the Navpix library - making it even easier to share their experience with the world. To start driving more economically today follow Navman's 'Top Tips' for greener driving.

Top Tips for Greener Driving
1. Select the 'most economical' route when you programme your journey
2. Use your Navman GPS to re-route around traffic congestion and road works using Real-time Traffic and Route Traffic Overview
3. If you take a wrong turn, Navman GPS quickly re-routes to get you back on track
4. Navman POIs allow you to stop at the closest conveniences along your route
5. Voice guidance advises motorists when they're within 10% of the speed limit - alerting them a more economical and legal driving speed

The People's Eco-Rally is an annual event, encouraging and promoting sustainable transport methods. The rally showcases the latest green vehicles and receives the support of celebrity enthusiasts including, Quentin Wilson (Top Gear), Lisa Rogers and Robert Llewellyn (Scrapheap Challenge) who will be taking part on 21st June. Non-drivers are welcome to join in the fun via, organising car-sharing and lifts with eco-rally drivers.

A total of 25 Navman GPS devices are available to win for participants and spectators during the event. Register your interest to take part in the rally or volunteer visit

Navman images, data sheets and additional information will also be available at Please contact Annette Leach or Hannah Lifford (see below) for details of how to access the site.

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