RainTube Acquires Rights to Rainbarrels

RainTube acquires exclusive distribution rights to Rainbarrelman eco-friendly rain harvesting products.

Jacksonville, OR, August 25, 2008: GLI Systems Inc. of Jacksonville, Oregon, manufacturer of the award winning, Cradle to Cradle certified RainTube Gutter Protection System, has acquired exclusive, world rights to a line of hand-made, American rain barrel products manufactured from recycled materials. The products have been re-branded as BarrelMan rain barrels and are used to store collected rainwater in a process called rainwater harvesting. The products are made from recycled food-grade drums clad in seasoned wood recovered from forests flattened by the Mt. St Helens eruption nearly 30 years ago. The 55-gallon products have the attractive appearance of traditional hand-coopered barrels but are sanitary, watertight and fully functional for applications ranging from irrigation to potable water storage. The barrels can be linked together in series and elevated on special stands to increase capacity and water pressure.

Many communities are experiencing water shortages and resource experts have been raising alarms for years about increasingly constrained fresh-water supplies. Rainwater harvesting, also known as water farming, is an ancient practice that is regaining popularity as traditional water sources become scarcer: Rainwater harvesting is a small scale strategy that captures rainfall from roofs and gutters and channels it to landscaping or to barrels or other storage areas for reuse. Even in dry climates, the efficient use of rainwater can provide up to 50% of the total water used. This practice saves valuable water resources and it is also effective at reducing polluted runoff at a local, individual level. Incorporating rainwater harvesting strategies into new "green building" developments as well as existing homes and businesses is an easy and effective way to reduce the use of fresh-water resources. Green building, an ecologically sound method of residential and commercial construction, has become a major area of interest and concern among consumers and the building industry worldwide.
GLI Systems which has gained Gold Level Cradle to Cradle Certification for its RainTube products will apply for Certification of the new BarrelMan products. Cradle to Cradle Certification signifies the highest levels of exemplary product design and corporate responsibility, according to MBDC who administers Cradle to Cradle. Internationally recognized as the worlds leading environmental products certification organization, MBDC provides tools to assist in creating ecologically intelligent products and services.
GLI Systems RainTube product is an effective, low-cost gutter protection system made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. RainTube collects and filter water at the roof level and helps protect homes, apartments and commercial buildings from water damage from clogged gutters. It also reduces fire risk from gutter debris in compliance with new fire prevention building codes, reduces maintenance and increases clarity and efficiency of rain water harvesting systems. RainTube was awarded Sustainable Product of the Year in 2007 and 2008.
Steve Spratt, co-founder of GLI, said "We are delighted to have the BarrelMan rain barrels as a part of our expanding line of certified eco-friendly water control and storage products. The BarrelMan storage barrel is a perfect compliment to our RainTube water collection/gutter protection system. We believe that protecting and conserving our precious fresh water resources is vital. Rain water is free and surprisingly plentiful. Most people are shocked at how much water is available to them that would normally just drain away. By providing education along with an attractive, functional rain barrel and other water harvesting products we hope to inspire people to understand and embrace water conservation in their personal lives. Meanwhile, we are committed to continue designing and developing new and innovative water solutions that are both eco-friendly and effective."

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