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Joel Davidson & Fran Orner update THE NEW SOLAR ELECTRIC HOME for the New Age of Photovoltaics New Edition Provides Reality-Based Education in Conservation & Home Solar Electric Systems.

Ann Arbor, MI—September 29 , 2008—THE NEW SOLAR ELECTRIC HOME, 3rd edition: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PHOTOVOLTAICS FOR YOUR HOME by Joel Davidson & Fran Orner has just been published by aatec publications.

Drawing on decades of industry, hands-on & personal experience (they live in one of the first net-metered PV homes in California), Davidson & Orner take you step-by-step through the process of going solar: from determining your energy needs to practicing conservation (but not deprivation) to sizing, siting, selecting & installing or—more likely today—hiring professionals to install your PV system. They emphasize safety & code compliance.

• Chapters 1 through 8 explain the basics of PV, discuss the policies & regulations that affect a home PV system & guide the reader through decision-making.
• Chapters 9 through 15 examine the components of a PV system—what they are, how they work & how to select them.
• Chapters 16 through 19 provide instruction on sizing, siting, installing & maintaining a code-compliant PV system.
• Chapter 20 offers a glimpse into the future of PV.

In clear, concise language, with over 170 illustrations, 52 tables, multiple worksheets, solar radiation data, excerpts from the National Electrical Code® & more—including numerous real-life examples—THE NEW SOLAR ELECTRIC HOME gives you, in its 496 pages, all the information you need to get your personal power plant online.

A PV industry founder, Joel Davidson was named "one of this country's most experienced hands-on pioneers" by the Rocky Mountain Institute. Fran Orner is an accomplished PV system designer, who owns & operates SOLutions in Solar Electricity (

For more information—including the table of contents & lists of figures, tables, worksheets & checklists—visit

The Complete Guide to Photovoltaics for Your Home
Joel Davidson & Fran Orner

496 pages • 6x9 • paperback • 100% PCW stock
82 photos • 89 diagrams • 52 tables • 9 worksheets
Glossary • Index • NEC® Article 690 excerpts
Solar radiation & peak sun hours data for entire U.S.
Distributed by Chelsea Green
September 2008 ISBN 978-0-937948-17-0 $39.95

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Ann Arbor MI 48107
734.994.1470 phone / 734.418.2226 fax

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