Organic Photovoltaics 2009 final program confirmed: New Horizons, New Opportunities

IntertechPira, a leading conference and research organization is pleased to announce the final program for the 3rd annual Organic Photovoltaics conference set for April 27 - April 29, 2009 at the Doubletree Hotel Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA, US.

Organic photovoltaic technologies and products are rapidly evolving and aiming for emergence in the commercial marketplace. With much of the work still in research and development, collaboration among academics and scientists who are making advances in materials and technologies is critical for continuing innovation. Furthermore, partnership between academics, scientists, investors and businesspeople is vital for bringing products to market. In its current stage of development, OPV is an attractive investment opportunity with near-term products anticipated for high-end niche applications and continual progress toward on-grid power generation. At Organic Photovoltaics 2009, speakers from EuPD Research, Fusion UV Systems Inc., Luna Innovations Inc., Imperial College London, Konarka Technologies Inc., National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Plextronics, Solarcoating Machinery GmbH, Solarmer Energy Inc., Stanford University, Steve Ransome Consulting, TDA Research, Université Laval, University of Denver, University of Groningen, University of Michigan and USAF Materials & Manufacturing Directorate will present the latest market trends and developments, efficiency and lifetime challenges and production technologies and applications to engage in comprehensive discussions with key innovators and decision makers from the technical and business sides of the PV, OPV and organic and printed electronics industries.

"This year we are pleased to continue our relationship with Dr. Russell Gaudiana and welcomed working with Dr. Dana Olson for the first time, both of whom were instrumental in developing the program for 2009, said Senior Conference Producer Jessica Johnson. "We're also very excited to hear from so many new companies and organizations as well as get updates from speakers who have contributed in previous years."

Co-Chaired by Dr. Russell, Gaudiana, VP of Research of Konarka Technologies Inc and Dr. Dana Olson, Research Scientist of NREL, this year's program will provide an updated, in-depth forum for new developments to be shared and is designed for those with a background in the technology as well as relative newcomers to the field.

"I got a perspective on the current state of development in the OPV industry. It seemed to attract the leaders in the field who openly discussed the state of their work."
Nanoholdings LLC (quote from Organic Photovoltaics 2008)

As the leading conference dedicated to exclusively to OPV, Organic Photovoltaics 2009 is a key industry event, providing a unique opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and network with global leaders from around the world. One half-day pre-conference seminar, Global PV Market Development, led by Daniela Schreiber, Head of Strategic Operations EuPD Research will be held prior to the conference on Monday, April 27 and several networking opportunities will also be provided.

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