Growth, Innovation and Leadership: Frost & Sullivan's Key for Success in a Downturn

For the first time ever in Europe after hugely successful editions in North America and in Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan will be hosting the Growth, Innovation and Leadership Congress 'GIL 2009: Europe' on 19-20 May, at the Sofitel St James in London.

LONDON - 3 February, 2009 - A downturn is not a period in which to simply survive. Growing in the current economic situation is possible. It may be a challenge, but a challenge that many companies have met in the past and can certainly meet again. Frost & Sullivan's growth specialists have no doubts: the key for success revolves around three main ideas. Growth, Innovation and Leadership. Growth: Growing the business in a complex environment. Innovation: Business and technology developments to sustain growth. Leadership: Leading enterprises to deliver real value and position themselves for future growth.

Frost & Sullivan has expanded its flagship Global Congress on Corporate Growth - GIL Global - into several major cities around the world. London is now included in the "road map" of growth. For the first time ever in Europe after hugely successful editions in North America and in Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan will be hosting the Growth, Innovation and Leadership Congress 'GIL 2009: Europe' on 19-20 May, at the Sofitel St James in London.

GIL Global is the industry's only event designed to support senior executives in their efforts to achieve sustainable, top-line growth. For two days London will become the agora for CEOs, their teams and industry luminaries of a global community that explores tools and strategies to build a solid growth process.

"The real purpose of GIL is to focus on the CEO's number one top priority: growth," explains David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan. "We're looking at growth, innovation and leadership as three essential characteristics that enable companies to stay ahead of the competition and gain greater market share within their industries. Our thought leaders deliver the necessary tools, strategies, and best practices that help support CEOs and their growth teams."

'GIL 2009: Europe' will inevitably focus on the current economic climate with a review of regional economies.

"In today's financial and economic conditions, the cost of failure for companies is massive", says John Raspin, Partner with Frost & Sullivan Europe. "This is the time when real ambition can pay off if strategies are executed well. The focus on growth is more relevant than ever and it is now that the winners of the future will emerge."

The congress will provide a forum for delegates to brainstorm, network and structure strategic partnerships to achieve their growth goals, while keeping a keen eye on the economy. It will deliver thought leadership, real world case studies, best practices, and key strategies that companies can employ. Participants will examine the dynamics of growth and gain access to critical expertise that will help differentiate their companies from the competition and engage in interactive think tanks that will teach organizations how to identify, analyse, and prioritise opportunities in their respective industries. There will be interactive sessions examining global market opportunities and insights in various industries.

To register, obtain a programme agenda, explore sponsorship opportunities, or attend as a member of the media for GIL 2009: Europe, please contact Chiara Carella, Head of Corporate Communications for Frost & Sullivan in Europe, at One-on-One interviews with Frost & Sullivan senior growth consultants are also being scheduled. For more information you can also visit

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