Appointment of Specialist Advisor Professor Stephen Salter

Aquamarine Power announces the appointment of acclaimed engineering design guru, Professor Stephen Salter as a Specialist Advisor.

Aquamarine Power ("Aquamarine") announces the appointment of acclaimed engineering design guru, Professor Stephen Salter as a Specialist Advisor.

Professor Salter will provide technical services and industry advice on Aquamarine's ongoing research and development program for the Oyster® wave power device and Neptune' tidal device; and help Aquamarine deliver original concepts for other marine renewable devices. This new partnership will continue to build Aquamarine's strong leadership in renewable energy technology creation.

Professor Stephen Salter's career spans over four decades:

As a design engineer Professor Salter began his career by completing his apprenticeship in the aircraft industry, eventually working as an instrumentation engineer on the first hovercraft and on Black Knight, the UK's rocket project of the early 1960's. After reading physics and researching at Cambridge University he moved to the University of Edinburgh where he worked on robot mechanics and electronics in the School of Artificial Intelligence, creating the robot Freddy, one of the earliest robots to integrate vision, manipulation and intelligent systems. Professor Salter later turned his attention to renewable energy and in particular, wave power.

A pioneer and leader in his field, Professor Salter led a team at the University of Edinburgh in the 1970's to design and develop 'Salter's Edinburgh Duck'. The Duck was the first generation wave energy converter, designed using a revolutionary wave tank (also designed by Salter). The Duck is one of the most efficient wave-energy converters and continues to be the device against which all others are measured. The Duck can be seen in the National Museum of Scotland, along with Freddy the robot.

Professor Salter is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Edinburgh and an MBE. In 1986 he was awarded a Personal Chair in Engineering Design. Professor Salter is currently Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh. After announcing his retirement five years ago, Professor Salter continues to design and develop a range of technologies and innovations in many sectors including renewable energy, climate change and global warming.

Working with industry leading team:

The partnership with Professor Salter will allow Aquamarine to tap into a wealth of accumulated experience gathered over a life time of research and development in the field.
Professor Salter joins an already impressive team, which includes his long-time colleague, Professor Trevor Whittaker who is also Specialist Advisor to the Board of Aquamarine. Professor Whittaker, an award-winning expert in wave powered engineering is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Professor of Coastal Engineering at Queen's University Belfast. He has also been a leading pioneer of wave power engineering since the early 1970s. In the 1990s he managed the team which designed, constructed and operated Britain's first wave power station, located on the Isle of Islay. Since then Professor Whittaker has been involved in the design and deployment of six wave power devices and supervised 22 PhDs in wave power.
Martin McAdam, Chief Executive of Aquamarine commented: "Professor Stephen Salter could be likened to the founding father of wave power. With his exceptional career and diverse knowledge, I am delighted to be working with Stephen and feel confident that his contribution will see Aquamarine deliver market-leading technology."

Professor Stephen Salter added "I was delighted to be invited to join Aquamarine particularly as they are involved in both wave and tidal stream projects. We need to develop every possible renewable energy source and ideas initiated in one can solve problems in others. The marine renewables are starting to move from the laboratory to exploitation and now need the leadership that Martin McAdam has shown for wind developments with Airtricity. He has built up an impressive team of young engineers and I am looking forward to working with them."


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Notes to Editors:
Aquamarine Power Ltd

• Aquamarine Power was the first marine energy company in the UK to develop both wave and tidal power devices simultaneously and to have secured test berths for both technologies at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

• Aquamarine Power was founded in 2005 by leading marine energy developer, Allan Thomson, and Professor Trevor Whittaker, head of the award-winning wave power research group at Queen's University Belfast.

• Aquamarine Power's senior management team includes CEO, Martin McAdam, who founded Airtricity's US operations, recently sold for £0.75 billion, and COO, Matthias Haag, former General Manager at Shell WindEnergy.

• In October 2007 Aquamarine Power joined forces with Scottish and Southern Energy's subsidiary, Renewable Technology Ventures Ltd (RTVL), securing a £6.3m investment from SSE and a further £1.5m from Sigma Capital Group plc.

• Aquamarine Power has received significant funding and support from Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the Technology Strategy Board, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Scottish Government.

• Aquamarine Power recently featured in leading environmental business website Greenbang's UK Clean Tech Start-Up Index of 23 top UK new businesses in the clean technology sector. More details at

• Aquamarine Power was recently named 'Emerging Technology Promoter of the Year' at the Global Renewable Energy Awards. More details at

Prof Stephen Salter

• Professor Stephen Salter was born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1938

• Other interests of Professor Salter include reduction in wind turbine blades, desalination using energy from sea waves, improving road-traffic congestion and the capacity of congested bridges, Stirling engines, the mathematics of nuclear disarmaments, variable-pitch air turbines, unconventional ways to teaching design engineers and inventors, mine clearance, flood-prevention, the suppression of explosions and the reversal of global warming by increasing cloud albedo.

• Salter's Edinburgh Duck

• Freddy II

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