Castilla la Mancha to support CPVToday's 2nd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit

The Castilla la Mancha Government's Vice President and Economy Adviser, Mª Luisa Araujo Chamorro, will inaugurate the second edition of CPVToday's Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit to be held in Toledo, Spain next month.

Castilla la Mancha, through its initiative ISFOC, has already emerged as a committed supporter of this emerging technology.

And the presence of Ms Araujo further reiterates the support from the government as well as the significance of the conference in Toledo, which has already attracted the cream of the CPV industry for its two-day event.

ISFOC, set up as a result of the R&D plan promoted by the Department of Education and Science from the Castilla La Mancha Government and the Institute of Solar Energy from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, is executing a number of power plants (up to 3 MW in total) incorporating different concentrator technologies which are becoming available in the market.

The conference in Toledo, which will see congregation of 450 CPV industry's experts over two days (April 28-29), has already got confirmation for participation from ISFOC and host of representatives from other institutions including Universidad de Jaén and Instituto de Energía Solar Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

On the first day of the conference, there will be presentations from ISFOC's Director General Dr. Pedro Banda and its R&D director Francisca Rubio.

The CPV industry is showing signs of making a speedy progress, at a better pace than other solar technologies, according to Dr. Banda.

"Moving from R&D to product needs industry standards and reliable products, all these are being created with the participation of all players and it certainly looks like a CPV sector could be in place much faster than it took to other solar technologies," he told

"The market now is driven by subsidies, and any modification to these subsidies affects how new technologies can be incorporated. The volume has to be deployed according to the market rules and showing the competitive advantage at a smaller scale is to my belief the best way to place reliable and quality product in the market in the near future," added. Dr. Banda.

Other than Dr. Banda, a host of CPV technology companies including SolFocus, Sol3G, Concentrix and ArimaEco among others will be providing an insight into their progress.

About CPV Today

CPV Today, founded in London in 2008, aims to facilitate the creation of international forums to contribute to the evolution and commercial development of Concentrated Photovoltaic technology and its widespread implementation as a large-scale producer of electricity.

For more information about the 2nd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit on the 28th and 29th April, followed by the visit to the ISFOC on the 30th April, and to see the list of speakers, attendees and agenda please visit


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