Ocean Renewable Power Company Accepts Two Awards at the 2009 Energy Ocean Conference

Company Receives 2009 Pioneer Awards for Ocean Energy Producing Technology -- ORPC received two awards today at the 2009 Energy Ocean Conference for the company's achievements in developing ocean energy technology and its significant progress in making ocean energy commercially viable.

PORTLAND, M.E., June 17, 2009 -Ocean Renewable Power Company, LLC (ORPC) of Portland, Maine received two prestigious industry awards today at the 2009 Energy Ocean Conference at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Maine. ORPC, an industry leading developer of technology and projects that generate clean, predictable power from river, tidal, and deep-water ocean currents, received the Company Pioneer Award for its leadership and significant progress in making ocean energy commercially viable. Patrick McGinnis, Director of Systems Engineering at ORPC, received the Technology Pioneer Award for his innovation in the development and demonstration of technical viability of the core component of ORPC's Ocean Current Generation (OCGen') Turbine Generator Unit (TGU).

ORPC is the only company in New England - and one of the few companies in the world - to generate electricity from ocean currents without using dams or impoundments. The company successfully completed a year of in-water testing in 2008 and has firmly established the technical feasibility of the TGU. ORPC expects to fully demonstrate the commercial viability of the full scale TGU by the end of this year. OCGen' technology is adaptable to tidal, river, and deep water ocean current applications. Simultaneously, ORPC has developed "shovel ready" tidal energy projects in America's most sought-after tidal energy locations: Western Passage and Cobscook Bay, Maine, and Cook Inlet, Alaska.
"Our team constantly seeks to set the standard for ocean energy technology and for project development in coastal communities," stated Chris Sauer, President and CEO of ORPC. "We are very honored to be recognized with such prestigious awards and look forward to the advanced benefits that the OCGen ' technology will bring to our region and the entire ocean energy industry."
Entering its sixth year, the Energy Ocean conference is considered to be the world's leading event focusing on renewable and sustainable energy from oceans. The three-day conference brings together technologists, financiers, and policy makers from around the world to discuss and share ideas regarding the ocean renewable market and its current challenges and opportunities. ORPC President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Sauer is scheduled to speak at the State of Maine Activity Session Round Table on Thursday, June 18 from 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m. John Ferland, ORPC Director of Project Development, will lead a discussion titled "The Role of Concurrent Engineering in Successful Product and Project Development" on Thursday, June 18 from 1:30 - 4 p.m. ORPC is also exhibiting its technology and project development sites at the conference.
For more information about the Energy Ocean conference visit www.energyocean.com and for more information on ORPC please visit www.oceanrenewablepower.com.

About Ocean Renewable Power Company:
Ocean Renewable Power Company, LLC (ORPC) was founded in 2004 for the purpose of generating reliable, competitive, emission-free electricity from the virtually unlimited energy resources of the world's tidal, river, and deep water ocean currents. ORPC has made great advances in the development of its proprietary ocean current generation (OCGen') technology and is developing tidal energy projects in three of America's most robust tidal energy resources: Western Passage and Cobscook Bay, Maine and Cook Inlet, Alaska.


Cathleen Williamson
Calypso for ORPC
(603) 431-0816

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