Sustainable Energy Introduces PARALEX Solar Power System in Hamburg, Germany

PARALEX propels Sustainable Energy to forefront of solar power industry and sets a new standard for rooftop solar power by delivering higher energy yields at safe voltages with the lowest cost of ownership

Sustainable Energy Introduces PARALEX Solar Power System in Hamburg, Germany

PARALEX propels Sustainable Energy to forefront of solar power industry and sets a new standard for rooftop solar power by delivering higher energy yields at safe voltages with the lowest cost of ownership

Hamburg, Germany - September 23, 2009 - - Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd (TSX VENTURE:STG) ("Sustainable Energy") today launched PARALEXTM, a unique extra low voltage, high yield commercial rooftop solar power system at the PVSEC Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

PARALEX changes the game for the rooftop solar power industry by delivering a greater return on investment while providing the highest level of safety and reliability for building owners, suppliers, integrators and contractors. Key benefits include:

Increased power yieldsPARALEX produces 5-15% higher energy yields per kilowatt installed in comparison to conventional systems.

Highest level of safetyPARALEX has an inherently safe, extra low voltage design that addresses concerns of public safety and liability critical for commercial and public buildings

Lowest cost of ownership PARALEX has a simple, flexible design that requires no special integrators, system designers or installers, reducing the cost of installation and maintenance. The result is the lowest cost per kilowatt hour for maximum return on invested capital.

"PARALEX brings a new dynamic to commercial rooftop solar power systems by turning each thin film module into an independent solar power generator. PARALEX delivers higher system energy yield with the same form factor, cost and maintenance paradigm of conventional inverters. For the commercial roof top solar system investor and operator, PARALEX solar installations provide the maximum return on investment," said Robert Bucher, President and CEO of Sustainable Energy. "The global demand for solar power systems is quickly heating up. With the introduction of PARALEX, Sustainable Energy is poised to capture roof top solar market share by accelerating the acceptance of thin-film products and reducing the time and complexity of roof top installations."

PARALEX combines Sustainable Energy's proprietary extra low voltage inverter, SUNERGY, with standard thin film PV modules in a parallel architecture that maximizes energy yield, simplifies installation, and reduces total system cost, while addressing safety concerns associated with high voltage products. Unlike traditional series string architecture power systems that reduce system power output to the level of the lowest producing panel, PARALEX connects solar modules in parallel, ensuring that each individual module performs at its maximum potential. Additionally, PARALEX reduces the impact of shading, soiling, and other real world factors without the need to add complex module micro inverter electronics that increase installation and maintenance costs or traditional high power inverters that require complex shading analysis and decrease total power delivery.

PARALEX stands alone in meeting the emerging safety concerns for commercial and public sector facilities such as schools, shopping centers, office complexes and recreational areas. PARALEX operates at consumer appliance voltage levels from 50 - 150v compared to high voltage systems that operate at levels up to 1000v. The elimination of high DC array voltages provides an important safety benefit to installation and maintenance crews. In addition, the SUNERGY inverter products utilize low voltage electrical components increasing long-term reliability while decreasing manufacturing costs.

"We developed PARALEX to improve design flexibility and system efficiency to achieve high performance installations on rooftops in real world conditions. The system design works for rooftops of any size and shape and the elimination of high DC voltages ensures a safe solution," said Brent Harris, Vice President of Product Development, Sustainable Energy Technologies

[PARALEX is available now for European customers interested in the highest solar power system performance. Sustainable Energy is exhibiting the solution at the PVSEC Conference and Exhibition in booth #B6/75.]

Further details, including a video describing the benefits of the PARALEX solution can be viewed at

About Sustainable Energy: Sustainable Energy ( is changing the way the world installs solar power through PARALEX a unique line of solar energy products and systems for commercial and public sector markets. PARALEX is based on a patented extra low voltage high yield inverter, with both crystalline and thin film PV modules, which enables a parallel architecture to increase total system yields while also addressing emerging safety concerns. PARALEX achieves higher energy yields and operates at intrinsically safe voltages as well as enabling simpler more flexible design that improves module coverage of any rooftop. The result is the lowest cost per kilowatt hour for maximum return on invested capital.

Sustainable Energy's technologies are the subject of multiple patents issued by the US Patent Office with
further patents pending.

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