Valentin Technologies, Inc. Releases First Concept Images of the 170 mpg IngoCar

The vehicle's estimated mileage is 170 mpg based on a mix of city and rural driving. This extraordinary fuel efficiency is achieved by a revolutionary hydraulic-fluid drive.

Elm Grove, WI — February 16th, 2010 — Valentin Technologies has given the public its first glimpse of its IngoCar, currently in the stage of development. This release of three teaser sketche! s shows the five-seat, four door sportwagen, brimming with innovation.

The company's founder, Ingo Valentin, has stated that "Finally outstanding performance and extremely high mileage are combined in a mid-size passenger car."

Concept images can be viewed on this website link:

The vehicle's estimated mileage is 170 mpg based on a mix of city and rural driving. This extraordinary fuel efficiency is achieved by a revolutionary hydraulic-fluid drive. This hybrid gasoline/hydraulic drive system can deliver acceleration from 0-60 in 4 seconds. Using a small engine, fluid is pumped into an accumulator. The fluid then drives hydraulic wheel motors for shiftless acceleration. During braking, motors are reversed and pump the entire recuperated braking energy back into the accumulator. This innovative technology and the car's light weight give an estimated range of 1,000 miles for a full 6 gallon tank of fuel.

Hydraulics are also used to create an innovative protection system for occupants. Hydraulic bumpers embedded in the car's structure can absorb impacts up to 40 mph. The accumulator's central placement and low center of gravity provide excellent handling characteristics. The small size of the accumulator and drive system allows for a roomy passenger area and large trunks front and rear giving 24 cubic feet of cargo carrying capacity (8/16 front/rear).

Styling for the car was provided by Davide Tonizzo, of designD. "Ingo wanted an image that reflected the car's performance and its low emissions. The words athletic and friendly inspired the design. " The designer opted for a two box design with aero driven features including front and rear diffusers and very soft front corners. However, the designer adds, "It was important to give the car appeal. While we wanted an efficient aero design we didn't want to overdo the aeronautical character and create an airplane for the road." The styling remains modern and pleasant with distinctive Venturi-inspired lines on the side panels that pay tribute to the aero efficiency and help define the IngoCar brand.

Mr. Valentin says, "We are proud to unveil our vision of an automobile that has the style, interior space, comfort and cost of a BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E-Class combined with unprecedented range and fuel economy."

Valentin Technologies is based in Elm Grove, Wisconsin USA .The company develops new hydrostatic power trains for vehicles. Technical expertise is based on more than 15 years of product development with leading manufacturers in this field. For additional information go to:

Davide Tonizzo is a Toronto-based car designer with a diverse range of clients. His projects have received numerous awards and have been featured in international design publications. Find out more about Davide Tonizzo at:

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