Lunera Lighting Receives Coveted Platinum ADEX Award From Design Journal Magazine

Suspended Fixtures Feature Innovative Design, Beautiful Daylight Quality Light, and Sustainable, Energy Efficient LED Technology

Redwood City, Calif. (April 6, 2010) - Lunera Lighting, Inc., a Silicon Valley company that designs, manufactures, and markets next-generation LED lighting, today announced it was named a 2010 Platinum Award Winner in Design Journal's Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX). The company's ultra thin 6400 Series Linear Suspended LED Fixture was selected for its sustainable, LED fixture design that provides valuable energy savings for building owners and delivers daylight quality light for its occupants.

"Lunera is truly honored to receive the prestigious ADEX Award. It is a testament to our mission of delivering on the promise of next-generation, sustainable LED lighting technology with energy efficiency for improved building performance. It is also an example of our commitment to sculpting daylight quality light from a beautifully designed fixture to create a high image and productive work environment," stated Michael Lesyna, CEO of Lunera Lighting.

The Lunera 6400 Series
Lunera's ultra-thin linear suspended fixture is an environmentally responsible solution to improve the quality of light in a variety of commercial spaces. Designed to replace linear fluorescent fixtures, the 6400 Series emits soft, voluminous light. The ultra-thin fixtures lower energy consumption by up to 50% and dramatically reduce maintenance costs by offering up to 15 years of daylight quality light. The UL, ETL, and FCC certified fixtures are LM-79 tested and offer a fast payback and a significant return on investment while providing a vast improvement in light quality over fluorescent lighting and a dramatic reduction of a building's carbon footprint.

Lunera LED fixtures are manufactured in the USA and help buildings acquire LEED certification while providing a consistently better quality of light for the occupants. The company also offers an end-of-life fixture recycling program to further minimize the product's impact on the environment.

Promises Kept vs. Promises Made
The lighting industry is undergoing a disruptive change for the first time in over 100 years and analysts predict that LED technology will displace incandescent and fluorescent lamps to become the predominate light source within a few years.

Commercial building owners are open to change based on the promise of digital LED technology: dramatic energy and maintenance savings and reduced environmental impact, and on Lunera's promise of delivering these benefits while improving the quality of light and fixture design to enhance the space for a building's occupants. Obtaining accurate information about LED lighting is key to making an educated product choice.

Lunera is committed to providing comprehensive information on LED technology, environmental benefits plus maintenance and energy savings to help potential customers make an informed purchase decision. Corporate customers interested in making the switch to commercial LED lighting should visit the Lunera website for more information.

About Lunera Lighting
Lunera Lighting is an award-winning, technology innovator leading the transformation from analog to energy-efficient digital LED lighting. Manufactured in the USA, Lunera's premium lighting fixtures are particularly attractive when seeking LEED certification, since LED lighting substantially impacts LEED points in "green" buildings. The company is also a firm believer in social and environmental responsibility and has made it part of their corporate philosophy. Visit for more information or contact Lunera at 650-241-3875 or by email at


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