Empower your organisation with Metergy's Billing and Energy Management Software

Metergy has been assisting the people and business men from last 15 years through its billing and energy management software -Smartfusion. The software helps you keep track of your live energy consumption details on your desktop or mobile and gives clear picture of where organisation is excelling an

"Metergy is a well known name in Billing Energy Management and Smart Metering. From last 15 years it is serving people with its innovative energy saving schemes and Smart meters giving tremendous saving in energy costs and reduction of carbon emissions.Metergy employs the Smartfusion energy management software to assist people in energy management. It uses the cutting edge software technologies and has developed a fully customisable web based system which allows you to access you Live data from anywhere anytime, just the internet connection is required. The software regenerates report giving clients the turnover, footfall, occupancy, profit production volumes and the day/night comparison. The customer gets the energy alerts by email to keep you updated. The software has multilingual facility and gives Display Energy certificate module and bill validation module.

Many times it happens that the utility suppliers send inaccurate bills, often overcharging the clients. And manual bill validation is extremely complex and time consuming process. But the Smartfusion's bill validation module simplifies it by checking them accurately. The bill validation gives reactive and power factor charges; it gives insurance and maintenance plans and Climate Change Levy charges. Not only this but the tariff comparison allows you to compare multiple tariffs from the multiple suppliers against current tariffs and give options to choose the most cost effective tariffs mix. Psuedo bill creation uses current energy tariffs and historic consumption data to give an accurate estimate of future energy bills.

And this software works in cooperation with the Smart Meters. The Metergy uses the measuring instrument directive (MID) approved meters giving 99.9% data accuracy. The Smart Sub metering helps the landlords to give automatic billing of utilities to tenants. By the SmartFusion tenant billing module together with the smart sub metered installation helps billing tenant as frequently as required as well can be exported to an accounting system reducing operational expenses. Billing tenants individually results in 25-35% reduction in energy consumption.

The CRC Evidence Module of Smartfusion equips the organisation to record their carbon emissions in accordance to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. This module keeps a track of CRC evidence Pack throughout the organisation assisting the project management at every stage. It saves hours spend in assembling data as coupled with Smartfusion's powerful reporting, analytical analysis and visual data it helps in planning strategy for future energy and carbon reduction initiative. Hence with this module user can have his own individual dashboard with graphic display KPI's (key performance indicators) which allows the clear picture of where the organisation is excelling and where it needs attention.

Billing and the energy management software Smartfusion of Metergy along with the Smart Meters provide live real-time data. It gives minute by minute data live on your desktop or even on your mobile phone. And Smartfusion prepares the users to react to the abnormal energy consumption immediately and not after 24 hours of incident. It's the best software and billing process to keep you powered with energy management. For more information please visit - http://www.metergy.co.uk/"

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