Members of Australia's largest energy chamber elect new Board and approve new name.

Members of the Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (WA SEA - met at their Annual General Meeting on 15 October 2010 to elect a new Board and approve constitutional changes to the Association including a new name - the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia.

Members of the Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (WA SEA - met today, 15 October 2010, at their Annual General Meeting to elect a new Board and approve constitutional changes to the Association including a change of name - the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia.

WA SEA exists to promote the development of a sustainable energy industry as a solution to reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions today.

The first meeting of the Association in 2002 set a target for WA SEA membership of 100. Strong growth of WA SEA means the Association as of today has 375 members, making it Australia's largest energy chamber.

Bob Blakiston, Managing Director of SunPower Corporation Australia Pty Ltd, was re-elected to his third term as Chair, and Greg Denton, Director of Infrastructure and Environment Australia / New Zealand, WorleyParsons, was re-elected to his third term as Vice Chair.

Ordinary members of the Board elected at the AGM today are:
o Peter Ferguson, Oceania Sustainability Tax and Incentives leader and Regional Cleantech leader Ernst & Young (newly elected)
o Kelli Friar Manager, Strategy Implementation & Integration at Horizon Power (re-elected)
o Glen Head, Director of HAC Consulting (re-elected)
o Hon Alannah MacTiernan (newly elected)
o Harry Porrins Principal, Red Cat Marketing (re-elected)
o Sean Webb Business Manager and Board member of the Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence, The University of Western Australia. (re-elected)

‘WA SEA members have elected a diverse Board from a very diverse membership that covers architects and builders, urban and transport planners, engineers and energy efficiency consultants, lawyers and greenhouse auditors, through renewable energy manufacturers and generators, and a raft of customers buying those goods or services,' says Bob Blakiston, WA SEA Chair.

‘We thank our retiring Board Members Matthew Bowen and Andrew Disney for their work on the Board. Their donation of time to the WA SEA Board and to the operation of the Association has been much appreciated, and has contributed to the continuing success of WA SEA.'

‘All WA SEA members are interested in seeing a strong market develop to ensure the availability of competitive pricing and a diversity of providers.'

‘The diversity of WA SEA membership is reflected in our corporate members - sponsoring members make the largest financial contribution to the advocacy work of the Association, ensuring WA SEA is well resourced.'

‘WA SEA acknowledges our Corporate Members: AECOM, Alinta, Austech Solar, BGC, BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Carnegie Corporation, Collgar Wind Farm, Curtin University of Technology, Enhance Group, Gull Group of Companies, Horizon Power, Landfill Gas & Power, Mitsubishi Motors, Pacific Hydro Ltd, Perth Energy, Rheem Australia, Rio Tinto, SMA Technology Australia, Swan Energy, SunPower Corporation, Synergy, Toyota WA, The University of Western Australia, Wesfarmers Limited, Western Power, and WorleyParsons.'

‘We also acknowledge the important support provided by each and every WA SEA Member, many of whom also contribute their time to assist in policy development and advocacy work.'

This includes many founding members - businesses large and small such as SolaKleen Smalls Solar, Outback Energy Supply, Solahart, Solar Dwellings, Perth Energy, Fremantle Ports, Pacific Hydro Ltd, WA Solar Supplies, Alinta, the City of Gosnells, Exibit, the City of Melville and many more of our earliest supporters who helped establish WA SEA and contributed to its early success.

‘WA SEA now gets two or three new membership applications every week, with growth across a broad spectrum of industry and across whole supply chains, a reflection of the strong level of support from the business community to see policy settings from government for urgent and strong action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to create a strong stimulus in the development of sustainable energy as a part of the solution.' says WA SEA Chief Executive, Prof. Ray Wills.

‘Indeed, our success consolidating our growth to be Australia's largest energy chamber reflects business desire to see action from all Australian governments to deploy sustainable energy solutions and support measures that reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions,' explains Prof Wills.

‘Leveraging new and existing technologies can make use of Australia's endless supply of renewable energy - energy that will grow Australia's energy security and economy without adding to carbon emissions in Australia,' says Prof Wills.

Members also voted - after rigorous and lengthy discussion - unanimously to take modify the name of the Association. Once the formal lodgment of constitutional changes is complete with appropriate approvals, WA SEA will be officially renamed the "Sustainable Energy Association of Australia". Further announcements will be made on the finalisation of our name change at a later date.

WA Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (WA SEA) Media Release - 15 October 2010

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