Energy Roofing Systems Joins Power Partners Solar Dealer Network

Energy Roofing Systems based in Cumming, GA proudly announces our partnership with Power Partners Solar of Athens, GA. They are a green manufacturer and marketer of lightweight, attractive, durable solar water heaters designed to help homeowners save money on utility bills - up to 70 percent!

Depending on where you live, a solar water heater can affordably power up to 70% of a home's annual waterheating needs. Our smarterRoof™ is made from an industrial strength metal called galvalume which will withstand a Category 5 hurricane. Combined with solar technology, energy savings with a smarterRoof™ can be expected in the range of 55-70%!

The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit will cover 30% of the cost. The Georgia Clean Energy Tax Credit will cover 35% of the cost, up to a maximum of $2500 dollars. Check with your local utility provider about local solar water heater incentives. Some companies like Walton EMC provide a $400 dollar incentive.

We at Energy Roofing Systems based in Cumming, GA just North of Atlanta are proud to announce our partnership with Power Partners Solar of Athens, GA. They are a green manufacturer and marketer of lightweight, attractive, durable solar water heaters. They work with consumers, utilities, architects, builders and commercial property owners who want to save significant amounts of money for years to come and reduce their carbon footprint by using a solar hot water heater.

Their parent company, Power Partners Inc., and its forerunners have been making energy-related products for 50 years, and Power Partners is one of the ten largest woman-owned businesses in the United States, as certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Together, both Energy Roofing Systems and Power Partners Solar will excel because we practice lean manufacturing and have a team-based work culture. That translates into high quality, fast turnarounds and value-priced products for you. We're lean and green. Using a metal roof from Energy Roofing Systems and a solar hot water heater made by Power Partners Solar, you can be, too.

Energy Roofing Systems is Green Business Certified as well as accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Featured Product

Baja Carports Design-Build Solar Support Systemsâ„¢

With Baja Carports 35 plus years in the industry installing our Solar Support Systems nationwide and whose founder Bob Hayworth was one of the first to use solar panels as the rooftops on commercial carports ~ is assurance that you will receive Baja expertise in all phases of installation. Our team's diligence makes the design-build process easy for customers. You don't need a set of architecture plans to begin talking to us about your project. Baja's in-house design engineers will work closely with you to meet your project specifications and city's criteria. You'll have our design team's years of experience applied to your plans. Our engineers will deliver a set of stamped plans, which maximize canopy coverage and details the most-effective layout for your business' parking lot.