CA Conservation Corps Energy Efficient Construction now Pre-apprenticeship

Ten California Conservation Corps members ( in Auburn, CA completed the Technical Education in Energy Efficiency and Construction developed by Sierra College CACT ( The Northern California Laborers Union recently approved the program as a pre-apprenticeship

Auburn's California Conservation Corps Completes Training to Energize Careers

Technical Education in Energy Efficiency and Construction approved as pre-apprenticeship

Ten young men and women at the California Conservation Corps (CCC -- ) Placer Energy Center in Auburn, CA completed the 128 hour Technical Education in Energy Efficiency and Construction (TEC) training on February 11. They are prepared to use their skills on state retrofit projects as well as go on to careers with utilities and contractors. The curriculum was developed by the Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) ( at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA.

The Northern California Laborers Union recently approved the CCC's Technical Education in Energy Efficiency and Construction training as a pre-apprenticeship program. David Darling, Apprenticeship Coordinator and Jeff Armstrong, Director of Apprenticeship, Northern California Laborers Union ( recently talked with TE3C graduates. The Laborers Union was impressed with Corps members' positive attitudes, dependability and technical construction skills, according to Armstrong. "The Laborers Union offers excellent pay and careers," said Armstrong. "Once you apply and are accepted, you'll go to our training center for three weeks. Then you'll be put on a list as an apprentice. You'll work hard on various projects completing 3000 hours plus 240 classroom hours to qualify as a journeyman. You can have a great career."

Ted Green, Senior Energy Advisor, SMUD also addressed Corps members. Green told his personal story of rising from a Utility Worker position assigned to weed eating and working in various positions over a successful 29 year career at SMUD ( "Every job is your interview for the next position," said Green. "Always perform your best. It doesn't really matter how you start in life, all that really matters is how you finish. Resolve within yourself to work hard and finish strong. Don't just chase your dreams; pursue them with energy and passion."

Over 50 Corps members participated in at least one of the five classes including orientation and 128 hours of TEC courses. Through lecture and hands-on training, they studied weatherization, building science basics, worker safety, weatherization measures, energy efficiency and alternative energy fundamentals. The goal was to prepare Corps members for entry-level employment in the Energy Efficiency Construction Industry.

The California Community College Chancellor's Office, Economic and Workforce Development Program provided the $205,000 project grant. Since 1992, Sierra College CACT has provided training for organizations, manufacturers and technology companies in Northern California. For more information, go to or contact Carol Pepper-Kittredge at 916-660-7801 or .
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