Green Fuels America, Inc. announces that it will build the FuelMatic Biodiesel Processor in Nevada

Brian Krolicki, Lt. Governor of Nevada, announces that Green Fuels America, Inc. will manufacture its FuelMatic™ and other commercial biodiesel processors in Nevada.

March 16, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. Sparks, NV - Green Fuels America, Inc.

"As Lt. Governor and head if the Nevada Economic Development Commission, I am here today to announce that Green Fuels America will manufacture its line of commercial biodiesel processors in Nevada, an example of which is the 5000 gallon per day FuelMatic biodiesel processor behind me. Jobs are being imported from the UK because of the tax and business friendly environment, and vendor skill base here in Nevada. Biodiesel is a sustainable replacement for petroleum diesel made from crushed oil seed crops (such as soybean, camelina, etc), waste cooking oil, and animal fats (chicken and beef fat). When burned it's CO2 emissions are 85% less than those of petroleum diesel. Manufacturing here, Green Fuels America will take advantage of US Federal programs such as NAFTA, CAFTA, Gold Key Matching Services, and EXIM Bank loan guarantees. Green Fuels also plans to use Nevada State programs administered through the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), such as employee training programs. Currently there are 21 FuelMatic processors running world-wide in England, Hong Kong, Mexico, Ireland, and Croatia. The FuelMatic you see here today will be installed in Massachusetts in the spring. Green Fuels America, Inc., incorporated in Nevada, taken together with its parent company Green Fuels Ltd. (UK) is the world-wide leader in commercial biodiesel processors that are factory built, and shipped in sea containers to customers sites."

"We believe that we will be able to manufacture six of these commercial biodiesel processors in Nevada this year using local sub-contractors, the majority will be for export. We estimate that this decision will create at least 10 new jobs in 2011 in the Reno/Carson City region in manufacturing, engineering, and production control between Green Fuels and our sub-contractors/vendors said Greg Springer, VP and GM, of Green Fuels America."

Honored Guests in Attendance:

The Honorable, Brian Krolicki, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Nevada
The Honorable, Geno Martini, Mayor of Sparks
Ms. Tracy Soliday, Regional Representive of John Ensign, US Senator of Nevada
Mr. Bill Cline, Global Environmental Team Leader, US Department of Commerce
Mr. Clint Koble, State Executive Director, US Farm Agency, US Dept. of Agriculture
Mr. Graham McLean, Director of Sales, Green Fuels Limited (UK)

About Green Fuels America, Inc.
Green Fuels America, Inc. opened in Sparks, NV in 2009 as a sales office for the commercial processors of Green Fuels Ltd. (UK) responsible for the territories of North, Central, and South America. Here in Sparks we also manufacture the FuelPod™, and FuelMeister™ personal scale biodiesel processors ( Our mission statement is to provide high-quality biodiesel processors sized to be located near the feedstock source, allowing for the production of biodiesel in local markets. This decentralized approach allows our customers to have cost and logistical advantages over traditional large centralized biodiesel plants.

Green Fuels America, Inc. (incorporated in Nevada) taken together with its parent company Green Fuels Ltd. (UK) is the world-wide leader in commercial biodiesel processors that are factory built, and shipped in sea containers to customers sites. We can be contacted at: Phone: +1 775 336 6193 or email: Our commercial products can be seen at

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