Cruise Car Addresses President Barack Obama's ‘Clean Fleet' Program with Solar Electric LSV's

Cruise Car, Inc., provides solar electric low speed vehicles to address the requirements of President Barack Obama's ‘Clean Fleet' Program initiative directing all federal departments and agencies to ensure that all of the vehicles purchased are fuel efficient or use clean energy by the year 2015.

Cruise Car, Inc., ( the leading supplier of solar electric low speed vehicles in the USA, today announced that their All American Series solar Electric vehicles address the requirements of President Barack Obama's ‘Clean Fleet' Program initiative directing all federal departments and agencies to ensure that all of the vehicles purchased are fuel efficient or use clean energy by the year 2015. Cruise Car solar electric vehicles allow fleet users to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and reduce their transportation energy costs while demonstrating a commitment to the environment and participate in creating new energy related jobs.

Cruise Car President Ken Chester said, "Fleet operators can meet the Presidents' call to action by replacing their gas-driven low speed vehicles with solar electric vehicles - and no vehicle is more energy-efficient than our All American Series. With onboard solar panels and over 60 percent recycled parts they are also the most eco-friendly vehicles in the world. And because our All American's are made totally in the USA, they also create jobs here. When you combine the solar tax grants available for the remainder of 2011 and tax credits available through 2016 with our Cruise Car leasing programs, the time and ROI is now for fleet operators to explore the conversion of their low speed passenger and light utility vehicles to solar electric."

President Obama announced the Clean Fleet program at a UPS facility in Andover, Md., Friday. In his remarks, Obama said 100 percent of the government's vehicle purchases will be for fuel-efficient or clean energy cars and trucks by 2015. He has also challenged and provided an opportunity for American businesses to participate in the program through ‘National Clean Fleets Partnership.' Five businesses - FedEx, UPS, AT&T, PepsiCo and Verizon - that collectively operate more than 275,000 vehicles and are five largest U.S. fleet operators, joined as charter members of the President's National Clean Fleets Partnership. The goal of the Clean Fleet's Partnership is to reduce by 1/3 U.S. consumption of imported oil by 2025. In 2008, the U.S. imported 11 million barrels of oil a day. The public-private initiative aims to help large companies reduce diesel and gasoline usage in their fleets through the use of electric vehicles, alternative fuel and the implementation of fuel-saving measures into daily operations.

The government is now offering an outstanding tax grant for the remainder of 2011 and a tax credit thru 2016. With these incentives and Cruise Car leasing programs, there is a powerful Return on Investment (ROI) case to be made for making the conversion from gas to solar electric for commercial fleet operations. Cruise Car offers incentive programs for tax exempt entities as well. With gas prices appearing to be headed to over $4 per gallon by this summer, the economic incentive to convert is significant. This will also have an effect on the price of electricity as inflation hits all energy services except solar-generated energy.

Many users of Cruise Car's All American Series solar electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) are reporting that after their initial full capacity charge they are able to drive up to ten miles daily without having to recharge their vehicles using external power sources. The onboard solar panels are producing enough charge to keep the All American's at a state of full charge and off the grid, eliminating the need for remote charging stations and the attendant infrastructure.

About Cruise Car, Inc.
Cruise Car is the market leader in GSA schedule-approved solar electric transport solutions for municipalities, military bases, college campuses, corporate parks, resorts, federal agencies and planned communities. Planning engineers are now including Cruise Car solar/electric carts in their multi-modal transportation street designs for municipalities and communities seeking to integrate alternative transportation models to reduce carbon emissions and protect their environment. Cruise Car Inc. builds and sells more solarized low speed vehicles than all others globally. There are over 24 models available -from light utility and 2 to 14 passenger transporters. Cruise Car provides real value - strong, reliable, easy to maintain, low maintenance vehicles all made in the USA. The aluminum vehicle chassis eliminate rusting, a significant benefit in seaside or corrosive atmosphere environments. 0ptional removable hard doors and utility box configurations are available and solar power assist reduces energy consumption, lowers carbon footprint and offers off-grid driving. (


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