PowerbyProxi enables world's first wirelessly powered wind turbine

Successful implementation of new generation inductive power transfer technology in wind turbines highlights advantages of wireless power in difficult industrial environments

Cincinnati, OH, USA and Auckland, New Zealand - Monday 23 May - PowerbyProxi, the global leader in high-efficiency industrial wireless power solutions, today announced the successful trial of the Proxi-Ring™ 480, a contactless slip ring that provides wireless power and data to pitch control systems that drive blades in wind turbines. The Proxi-Ring 480™ makes wind energy generation more cost-effective by increasing uptime and reliability and eliminating costs of maintaining and replacing mechanical slip rings. Details of the trial were announced at WINDPOWER 2011 Conference & Exhibition in Anaheim, California.

Fady Mishriki, VP of PowerbyProxi, says, "Our contactless slip ring has been working flawlessly ever since installation in a hydraulic wind turbine in Spain eight months ago. It replaced a mechanical slip ring which was causing problems several times a week and this frequency was increasing as the turbine aged. These faults are very hard to diagnose due to their intermittent nature and as turbines are stationary when tested. We set out to prove our wireless technology delivers significant benefits over mechanical slip ring technology and we've done that."
Jose Rodriguez, Managing Director, IM FutuRe, a specialist company in the maintenance, operation and management of facilities in electric energy production from renewable sources says, "We were keen to work with PowerbyProxi to develop a Proxi-Ring for the wind industry as we see mechanical slip ring problems all the time. The plug and play Proxi-Ring 480™ was a breeze for our technicians to get working in the 1.3MW turbine and it has performed perfectly. We're so impressed with the Proxi-Ring technology we'll be rolling it out across all the farms we manage over the next three years to help operators decrease costs and reduce loss of earnings."
The Proxi-Ring 480™ passes the required level of power and communication signals wirelessly and without friction. Proxi-Rings allow 360 degree continuous rotation and are corrosion-resistant and waterproof. Unlike mechanical slip rings they do not require cleaning or maintenance as contaminants like oil or brake dust do not affect operation. PowerbyProxi has spent 18 months developing its world leading wireless power solutions featuring Proxi-Wave and Dynamic Harmonization Control technology for the wind industry. The technology is currently in use or trial with a number of FORTUNE 100 companies.
PowerbyProxi have achieved similar success using other wireless power solution platforms in a wide range of industrial applications including aerospace, off-road vehicles, security systems, battery recharging, sensor networks, hydraulic actuation, hydraulic control and slip ring replacement.
Fady Mishriki says, "By unplugging the power cable we provide customers with solutions that solve continuity of delivery and maintenance pain points and simplify the implementation or installation process. Our solutions also create unique competitive advantages in the design, operation, and convenience of products which deliver significant cost savings in installation and ongoing maintenance over the lifetime of the product."
PowerbyProxi is exhibiting at WINDPOWER 2011 Conference & Exhibition, booth number 4551.

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