MECASOLAR presents its new universal foundation screw MECASCREW at INTERSOLAR

The Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of solar trackers and fixed structures, launches onto the market and incorporates into its product portfolio its own foundation screw for solar photovoltaic installations.

The foundation screw that MECASOLAR has added to its portfolio of products adapts at all times to the needs of the terrain and the plot of land (soft, medium and hard), after having been tested by the technical team of the company. It is also compatible with all types of fixed structures for photovoltaic installations on the market, which makes it a universal screw since the screw head can be customized for different structures. Both differential advantages give it a universal character.

The company's extensive experience has allowed it to design a versatile foundation screw that adapts to the needs of the structures required by the customer. In addition it is made of hot galvanized steel in accordance with ISO 1461, which gives the screw maximum durability.

MECASOLAR highlight their satisfaction at being able to, "offer a universal solution to the customer and satisfy their needs, adapting to them at all times." Another advantage of this new product is that it is not necessary to use concrete for the installation of the structure, allowing easy installation, with the consequent reduction in assembly time and preparation of the plot.

In this sense, MECASOLAR highlights that their new foundation screw requires almost zero preparation of the site, since no land clearance has to be carried out, with the consequent savings in civil works.

Thus, the estimates made by the company indicate that the installation time, depending on the fixed structure and the land, is around 3 to 4 MW in a week using a single machine, making it one of the fastest installable on the market. In addition they are noteworthy for their ease of extraction, reducing the environmental impact and reducing the costs of removal. Besides, as they are made from galvanized steel they are recyclable.

The MECASOLAR foundation screw, mecascrew, carries a 25 year warranty against corrosion for soils with pH values of 6 and higher and ohmic resistance at 800 ohm-cm, as long as the ground has not been altered with respect to the initial geotechnical conditions


The Installation of the new "mecascrew" foundation screw basically consists of four phases: Topography (topographic survey of the plot); Geotechnics (field study), Screw fastening to the ground (automated installation using specific machines guided by GPS) and the installation of the fixed structure, all of which adapt to customer deadlines and requirements.

MECASOLAR includes in its installation service:
• Land Survey: Conducting a land survey of the plot to obtain a topographic map on the scale required with contours (for the correct fit of the solar plant.)
• Geotechnical Study: Determine the nature, thickness, distribution and geotechnical properties of each of the existing materials in the plot under study. It also determines whether there is a water table, the potential aggressiveness of the land and/or water, the maximum load, and all the physical, chemical and geothermal characteristics of the materials.
• GPS Screw Installation: The mecascrew installation is done automatically using the layout issued by the screw installation machine software.
• Installation of the fixed structure.

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