UK Wind Power Firm Takes Top Spot in the States

"The Scottish Are Coming": Gaia Wind Number One in American Small Turbine Survey. Glasgow based wind turbine company Gaia-Wind, has swept the board in the annual survey of US small wind turbine industry professionals. Less than a year since launching a US export drive, the Gaia-Wind 133-11kW has be

Glasgow based wind turbine company Gaia-Wind, has swept the board in the annual survey of US small wind turbine industry professionals. Less than a year since launching a US export drive, the Gaia-Wind 133-11kW has been given the best rating of the top 24 turbines available in the US.

The annual survey, by top US renewables information organisation HomePower, was conducted among 65 US installation companies "who are active and earning a living in the small wind industry".
Installer were asked to "grade" the turbines and the level of service manufacturers provide. The questions, included:
Manufacturer's pre-sales response B+
Overall quality of the product A
Completeness of order A
Ease of Serviceability A
Post-sales technical support A
Reliability of system A

Gaia-Wind not only received the highest grading overall but was the only company to receive an overall "A" grade.

The news was welcomed by Glasgow MSP Bob Doris MSP who said: The exceptionally high quality of the Gaia-Wind product is confirmed by this survey. "The company's recent investment in the site at Port Dundas proves their commitment to their Glasgow base, and I believe their ambitious growth targets will be all the more achievable for having received this accolade.

"This company has a big future here in Glasgow, as Scotland sets to become the renewables powerhouse of Europe. The Scottish Government wants to attract the best companies to Glasgow to get early investment in the green technology revolution, and to secure decent, high-value jobs for the city."

The accolade comes as Gaia-Wind is pushing for more US presence at the prestigious Windpower 2011 conference, this year being held in the Anaheim Convention Centre, California.
MD Johnnie Andringa said: "This is a tremendous boost. We are just at the start of our campaign to establish ourselves in the States, so it's great to see that a Scottish company can not only compete but beat the opposition on their home ground. We are committed to growing our business based on quality, excellence, innovation all along the supply chain and value, so we are pleased and proud to see this reflected in the American industry's view."
Ronnie Scotland of Scottish Enterprise said: "This is great news for Gaia-Wind, and is testament to the company's leadership and ambition. Gaia-Wind is a truly global company and this announcement further endorses the real innovation and strength of our renewables industry."

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Notes to Editors:
1. The survey was conducted by world famous wind energy experts Ian Woofenden & Mick Sagrillo as part of a Wind Power Buyers Guide and will be published in the June/July edition of Home Power 143 June & July 2011
2. Gaia-Wind Ltd is a manufacturer of world leading high performance Small Wind Turbines, servicing farms, large residences, small businesses, and public buildings. The company is headquartered in Glasgow, and has appointed distributors in England, Ireland, Italy and the US.
3. The company has more than three hundred turbines installed worldwide with a combined operational time of some nine million hours.
4. In 2009 more than 60% of Gaia-Wind products were for customers outside Scotland, in 2012 that will have grown to 80% of which more than 40% will be exported outside the UK
5. Click here for a demo of the unique two bladed Gaia-Wind 133-11kW turbine

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