International PV experts gather in Berlin on June 28 -29

How to optimise your PV balance of systems and maximise efficiency for improved profit margins will be the topic discussed.

What is the future for large scale solar plants in Europe? There's been a lot of apprehension in the solar industry about impending feed-in tariff cuts in Germany, by far the world's largest solar power producer. But now even Spain, France and the UK have followed this FiT cut back trend that is hitting Europe. The PV industry might have expanded very rapidly and enjoyed the favourable subsidies, but that has come at its own cost, plantts have not been designed to achieve optimum output.

As the European solar landscape changes the market has become intensely competitive with current and new players fighting for the same projects and resources. The focus has shifted towards scrutinising every cent per kilowatt hour, and that means balance of systems is a priority.

The Challenge

To stand out from the crowd and companies have to develop technical strategies that drives down the LCOE of a plant but maintains high efficiency. With PV module prices stabilising, it means quick fix cuts to lower the LCOE cannot be easily achieved. Also it is undesirable to have utility scale plants that use poor quality components that cause inefficiencies in harvested energy and increased plant down time from extra operations and maintenance.

The Solution

There are some companies in the US and Europe that has been in the PV business for many years and has experience in designing, engineering and constructing the largest PV plants in the world. Also instrumental to the a plant's efficiency are the component manufactures that have developed innovative products that reduce efficiency loss, whether it by from the inverter, wiring, interconnection, mounting or trackers, the list is endless.

However for the first time all this expertise will be contained in one room for 2 days in Berlin at the PV Balance of Systems Conference and Exhibition taking place 28 – 29 June. 1. Top speakers presenting include; Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, Sun Power, SunEdison, First Solar, Gehrlicher, 9REN, SMA, Solyndra and many more. Heidi Hafes, Event Director of the event said ‘this event is a melting pot of experience from the European PV market, and we are really excited to be able to bring the people that have been the technical masterminds behind Europe's largest plants. With so much experience in the room the learning and networking will be invaluable to the PV community, making this a must attend event for those serious about large scale PV plants.'

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