MECASOLAR manufactures 311 MW of solar trackers worldwide

MECASOLAR has accumulated since its establishment in 2005 until the first quarter of 2011, the figure of 311 MW in manufactured trackers. This figure is equivalent to more than 24,000 units installed in solar farms worldwide.

The multinational- part of the OPDE Group - has orders on its books for the second half of 2011 amounting to 22 MW, with further new orders awaiting closure.

MECASOLAR maintains its leadership in solar PV markets of Italy, Spain, Greece, Canada and USA and will soon enter into the markets of Mexico, Brazil and India, where it plans to open offices next year.

Also noteworthy is his international experience beyond these countries. MECASOLAR manufactures solar trackers for photovoltaic plants located in other countries: Egypt, Israel, Colombia, Belgium, China, Sweden, Cyprus, Algeria, Bulgaria, Britain and Australia. "Although our penetration in these countries is small compared to the markets where we have manufacturing units, we are making a major commitment to expand our international presence responding to the needs of our customers from our factories in Spain, Italy, Greece Canada and the United States," MECASOLAR says.

Along these lines, they underline that the latest opening of the manufacturing facility in Canada-Ontario-Wallaceburg gives local customers a significant competitive advantage, since the MECASOLAR solar trackers are "Ontario content" compliant, as they are made from

Canadian steel , assembled in Canada and outsourced to local suppliers. "This allows customers to have a better rate, so they can apply the maximum feed-in tariff for ground solar systems. This is a competitive advantage for MECASOLAR solar products because it is the only international company in the tracker photovoltaic industry which has a manufacturing facility in Ontario, "states the multinational.

Continued growth

Since its establishment in 2005 and the market launch of its 2-axis solar trackers MS Tracker 10 and MS Tracker 10+, MECASOLAR has experienced steady growth which has led it to open new manufacturing plants in Greece (2008), USA (2009), Italy (2009) and Canada (2010), enabling the units produced to be increased now to a figure of 24,000 solar trackers from their five production plants.

This growth in manufacturing capacity and international presence has been complemented by increasing and diversifying its product portfolio, launching in:
Dec-2008: 1-AXIS Solar Tracker MS-1E TRACKER 15 and MS-1E TRACKER 15+
Feb-2009: Fixed structures MS1F/2F/3F-V Vertical and MS1F/2F/3F-H Horizontal
Jun-2009: 2- AXIS 15kWp MS-2E TRACKER 15 and MS-2E TRACKER 15+, which won the 2009 Solar Award.
May-2011: MECASCREW Universal Foundation Screw for fixed universal installations

New Product at Intersolar North America

MECASCREW is a new UNIVERSAL foundation bolt that will suit all types of terrain without the need to use concrete, allowing solar structures to be easily installed. It also allows any fixed structure on the market to be installed on the screw. Made of hot galvanized steel in accordance with ISO 1461, which gives the bolt maximum durability.

Their advantages include reduced assembly time (as it is a concrete-free foundation), the minimum ground preparation work, foundations are not needed in the ground, which means less environmental impact, with robustness and resilience, the versatility of design (compatible with all types of structures) as well as its ease of removal and recycling. All this with a 25-year warranty.

MECASOLAR will present this new product and upcoming projects at Intersolar North America (Leven 1. Booth 7710), one of the main international dates on the photovoltaic solar calendar, which will take place in San Francisco from 12-14 of July

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