Phoenix Energy Alliance Lands its First Big Fish — Atapco, Formerly American Oil Company

Atapco awarded a contract to PEA for its campus in Christiana, DE specifically, Bldg 121, to install a 100 kW photovoltaic (PV) solar array to offset its energy consumption costs.

July 6, 2011— Baltimore, MD: A newly launched subsidiary of BVFR & Associates, LLC, Phoenix Energy Alliance (PEA), a renewable energies financial solutions firm with offices in Lemoyne, PA and Baltimore, MD lands Atapco Properties as its first client. Atapco awarded a contract to PEA for its campus in Christiana, DE specifically, Bldg 121, to install a 100 kW photovoltaic (PV) solar array to offset its energy consumption costs.

Atapco Properties is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Trading and Production Corporation, which was originally formed in 1931 to consolidate, expand and diversify the business activities of the Blaustein family, the founders of the American Oil Company (AMOCO). The company grew and expanded at a phenomenal rate. In 1954, American Oil merged with Standard Oil of Indiana, and American Trading and Production Corporation and the Blaustein family became major stockholders. (In 1985, Standard Oil of Indiana changed its name to AMOCO Corporation and in 1998 merged with British Petroleum to form BP Amoco, p.l.c.)

PEA's Chairman, Dr. Jameson Lawrence, Esq. was elated to secure such a stalwart client in this nascent venture and opined that, "with hard work and a big enough net, it is possible to catch the big fish." Similarly, ATAPCO's Vice President of Asset Management, Maurice Dashiell stated, "while the PEA is a newly formed entity, Dr. Lawrence and BVFR's 16-year expertise with government sponsored financing such as USDA, DOE, etc. bolstered our confidence and made working with them a wise decision. We are very pleased with the current progress of this initial project and are optimistic that there will be future collaborations with the Phoenix Energy Alliance."

About Phoenix Energy Alliance:
Demonstrating a commitment to the clean energy sector, in 2009, BVFR developed an approach to project financing of solar and alternative energy transactions. BVFR launched Phoenix Energy Alliance (PEA) to keep pace with client's ever-increasing demand for alternative energy solutions. PEA will provide financial advisory and energy solutions for businesses seeking to implement "green" strategies utilizing alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and solar thermal. This unique physics to finance model provides a full service, one stop resource that ensures the highest quality of service and core competency focus for the benefit of selected clients. For more information, log on to or call Baltimore 410-234-3650/Lemoyne 717-972-8300.

About BVFR
Established in 1995 with its sights set on helping businesses demystify the USDA's loan review and approval process, BVFR & Associates, LLC. has achieved an exceptional track record of successfully securing debt and growth capital for organizations across a broad spectrum of businesses, industries and municipalities. BVFR's special project financing capabilities draw upon both guaranteed government sources of capital as well as conventional sources, and are designed to meet various financial needs, ranging from working capital and equipment purchases to real estate and acquisitions. For more information on BVFR & Associates, call 410.234.3652.

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