Corvus Energy Names Sean Puchalski Vice President of Business Development

Puchalski charged with introducing Corvus Energy's breakthrough lithium battery technology to new markets

Corvus Energy, manufacturer of the world's most powerful lithium batteries, today named Sean Puchalski vice president of business development. Since launching in late 2009, Corvus Energy has rapidly become one of Canada's most watched technology companies through its developments in hybrid and full-electric propulsion systems for ocean submersibles to spacecrafts, and for its advanced renewable energy storage and distribution solutions.

"We are incredibly excited to have Sean join our team and spearhead Corvus Energy's entry into material handling markets, as well as manage the company's execution as it gets traction in numerous new markets, such as transportation, grid support, standby power and military," said Brent Perry, CEO of Corvus Energy.

Prior to joining Corvus, Puchalski was the vice president of corporate development for 4Refuel Canada, the nation's largest mobile refuelling network, where he developed a pipeline of merger and acquisition deals. Prior to that he was the president and board director of 4Refuel Canada's technology joint venture, U-CON Systems, and oversaw the manufacturing of high-tech fuel management systems that enable commercial, industrial and construction fleets to reduce their fuel consumption.

Puchalski also spent six years as an engineering consultant at two leading environmental consultancies, Technology Resources and Hemmera, managing projects and developing business with commercial, industrial and government clients.

Corvus Energy's AT6500 lithium-polymer battery module can last 10 times as long, have four to 10 times the power and energy storage of lead-acid batteries in one quarter of the weight and volume. They are an ideal energy storage solution that can act as a standby source of electricity or support fuel-driven engines to reduce fuel consumption by up to 80 percent in large-scale industrial applications.

About Corvus Energy:
Corvus Energy is based in Richmond, B.C. and provides industrial-sized power in a compact, modular lithium battery system to the commercial marine industry, transportation industry, ports machinery, remote community, off grid and grid energy markets. Its revolutionary battery modules have the capacity to output sustained power comparable to diesel engines in hybrid and full-electric vessels and vehicles. For more information on Corvus Energy, visit or call (604) 227-2080.

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