New Products Offer Cost-Effective Solutions that Increase Solar Energy Harvest By Up to 25%

PORTLAND, OR- October 11, 2011--Azuray Technologies announced it will introduce its new AP260 DC-DC power optimizer and AC160 solar module performance monitor at Solar Power International next week in Dallas (Oct. 18-20) in Hall B, booth #1455. The two new products provide a smart shading solution that monitors and optimizes an entire array while giving installers the flexibility of providing shade compensation only on the solar modules that require it. The two new products provide a smart shading solution that monitors and optimizes an entire array, while giving installers the flexibility of providing shade compensation only on the solar modules that require it. This is an innovative approach that provides a cost-effective solution for both new and existing solar power systems to increase the solar energy production where output is impacted by shade, soiling and mismatch. 

"Installers want the flexibility to provide the most cost effective solution for maximal energy harvest," said Les Crudele, CEO of Azuray Technologies. "We are pleased to release the first power optimization solution that combines the highest level of energy harvest and configuration freedom in the industry. It's an approach that keeps costs low and works with all major solar inverters and solar modules while maximizing the power for the PV array."

The AP260 is an advancement of Azuray's AP250 power optimizer. Both increase energy generation in solar arrays where there are modules that experience shading, soiling or mismatch. While the AP250 is a stand-alone power optimizer, the AP260 supports real-time monitoring of energy output and safety shut-off features when used in conjunction with the ACM300 communications gateway.

The AC160 is a cost-effective monitoring and safety device that provides full system-level monitoring. The AC160 can be mixed with the AP260 when there is shade present on a PV array. This allows the installer to offer the most cost effective power optimizer, monitoring and safety solution.

"With this new system modules with shading can receive power optimization and monitoring from the AP260. Modules without shading can be monitored by the AC160. Both products communicate with the ACM300 to provide a full complement of optimization, safety, and monitoring features," said Gil Miller, Azuray's VP of Business Development. "This gives our customers the same level of extreme reliability and energy harvest in a smarter, more cost-effective solution."

The AP260 and AC160 employ automotive-grade components, are rated to 85°C and are designed to handle 25 years of operation in the harsh temperature environments where extreme thermal cycling is common. The AP260 and AC160 are compatible with all major solar inverters and solar modules. The new AP260 and AC160 will be on display at the Azuray Technologies booth in Hall B, #1455 at Solar Power International along with their current products, the AP250 and the AP300 smart junction box.

The AP300 is a certified smart junction box that integrates Azuray's robust and reliable maximum power point tracking (MPPT) power optimization technology into a junction box provided by Renhe Photovoltaic Technology. Renhe Photovoltaic Technology is a leading worldwide solar junction box supplier and will also exhibit the AP300 in its booth # 1450 at Solar Power International.

Azuray Technologies, Inc is a leader in the distributed solar electronics sector with its reliable, efficient products and progressive vision for the PV industry.  Azuray is dedicated to designing world class solar power electronics that increase energy harvest, while at the same time, reducing the overall cost of solar PV systems.  Azuray's line of products include the AP250 and AP260 MPPT power optimizers, the AP300 smart junction box, the AC160 solar module performance monitor and the ACM300 communications gateway. For more information please visit:

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