MAGE POWERTEC PLUS Modules Powering EVs at GM Facility

Solar tracker merges cutting-edge PV-technology and high performance; features integrated charging stations for Chevrolet Volt

Dublin (Georgia), December 6, 2011.óMAGE SOLAR, part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, announced that a Solar Tree® with several integrated electric car charging stations featuring high efficiency MAGE POWERTEC PLUS® PV modules has been unveiled at General Motor's Company Vehicle Operations Facility in Warren, Michigan.

The 14.4 kW installation using 60 MAGE POWERTEC PLUS 230/6 modules is actually a sun-tracking Solar Tree® designed, built, and installed by Envision Solar. Envision's multi-axis sun-tracking Solar Tree® increases the annual yield up to 25%, or roughly 24,000 kWh total per year in this case. With its sleek design and smart technology, the solar tree not only harvests the sun's energy in an optimal setup but also functions as a highly visible sign of General Motor's commitment to innovation and sustainability. In addition, each Solar Tree® provides shade in the summer and shelter from the elements as well.

"We congratulate Envision Solar on another milestone in PV-technology advancement. Their insistence on the highest quality components for their product and the most professional craftsmanship create some of the most aesthetic and best performing structures available," says Joe Thomas, President and CEO of MAGE SOLAR USA. "Furthermore we commend General Motors as they are leading the way in their commitment to clean energy in the automobile industry."

Envision Solar has been chosen by General Motors to provide clean energy-car charging stations for the Volt, GM's highly sought after electric vehicle. Free standing pole structures like the Solar Tree® allow up to six electric vehicles to charge simultaneously from an abundant, renewable energy source without creating any emissions. All the while their signature, industry leading 30 year-80% power output guarantee and zero to positive 5 watts tolerances make MAGE SOLAR modules an advantageous player in the equation of payback and investment.

"MAGE SOLAR is our default choice of panel provider," says Desmond Wheatley, President of Envision Solar. "Our brand and the quality of our products is our highest priority. Using the highest quality components like MAGE SOLAR's modules is key to our philosophy delivering the greatest value to our customers while maintaining the lowest cost of service and warranty in the industry. These greatly reduced lifecycle costs are a win-win situation for our customers and shareholders and the environment –and MAGE POWERTEC PLUS® modules are an important part of this proposition."

MAGE SOLAR – The Sun on Your Side
MAGE SOLAR USA, headquartered in Dublin, Georgia, specializes in complete solar systems and provides high-quality photovoltaic modules, intelligent mounting systems and high-performance brand inverters. As a subsidiary of the international MAGE GROUP, it uses the Group's 35 years of know-how to develop optimally coordinated system solutions. A competent partner network guarantees profitable solar energy systems for customers throughout the Americas and in thirteen more countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Envision Solar International, Inc.
Envision Solar, is a leading sustainable infrastructure product designer and integrator deploying clean energy systems globally. The solar design firm provides strategic long-term solutions and includes comprehensive sustainability planning and design optimization for its solar array structures. Founded by leading sustainable design architect Robert Noble, the company is a leader in the invention and construction of solar structures that address unused millions of acres of parking spaces. Its innovative systems include products for commercial and institutional projects, such as EnvisionTrak™, CleanCharge™, Solar Tree®, Solar Grove®, Solar Row™, LifePort®, LifePod™, LifeVillage™ solar systems and others. Envision Solar is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol [OTCBB: EVSI].
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