Mississauga Ontario-Canada, 5th December, 2011 – Easy and practical to mount, an innovative solar tracker and a new practical ground mount rack enter the stage of Cansia Solar Canada 2011.

Designed, patented, and manufactured by Espe Sunparc America Inc., SSK30 Monoaxial Sun Tracker and SUNLAZY ST ground mount rack are outstanding products of the most experienced Italian technical and manufacturing team in the photovoltaic sector, taking up the challenge of Ontario's specific climatic conditions.

Wind Tunnel Testing and Snow Loading Assessment were recently executed in Ontario by Espe Sunparc America Inc., subsidiary of Espe Sunparc Srl, recently created by Espe Srl and Silfab SpA, two of the most important italian PV companies with nearly 40 years of knowledge and activity in the development of solar products, systems and services worldwide.

This expertise allows Espe Sunparc America to offer PV rack and tracking systems to guarantee a high level of performance and operation even in the most rigid climatic conditions.

SSK 30 Monoaxial Sun Tracker, thanks to its conceptually simple structure and its innovative design, maximizes the plant's energy production assuring low energy consumption (only 1.2 kWh/engine/year), low maintenance and high reliability. SSK 30's Tracking Software can be easily personalized per each location in order to optimize monitoring and management of the plant.

The other new system offered by Espe Sunparc America is SUNLAZY ST, a mounting system studied for fixed PV plants, easy to assemble directly on every soil and in every climate condition.

Components of both these new systems are in structural carbon steel cold roll and hop dipped galvanizing after machining. Foundations are internally designed, produced for and installed on all soil conditions. Further anti-theft system for module clamping unit is also available.

Espe Sunparc America's mission is to play a key role in the development of the growing North American photovoltaic market building of the achievements of Espe Sunparc, already a leading supplier of large scale photovoltaic systems specialized in the development, planning, production, management and maintenance of solar farms in Italy and abroad, as well as large roof mounted systems.

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Espe Sunparc America Inc.
Espe Sunparc America Inc. is a subsidiary of Espe Sunparc Srl, a leading supplier of large scale photovolotaic systems in Italy and abroad, specialized in the development, planning, production, management and maintenance of solar farms (Italy and abroad) and of large PV roof systems (abroad).
The Italian company was founded in 2011 and brings together two highly experienced solar companies - Espe Srl and Silfab Spa - jointly offering forty years of experience in solar manufacturing, PV technology innovation and project development.
With over 500 photovoltaic systems totaling 180 MW installed - of which 80 MW are solar farms – Espe offers "full service" solutions including development, due diligence, acquisitions, planning, procurement, construction, management of operations and maintenance and security for the plant. The company is growing on an international scale from Eastern Europe to North America, particularly in regions where the parent companies are presently leading renewable energy players, notably in Canada, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria).
With approximately 200 employees, the company expects to construct approximately 25 MW of solar farms in Italy and abroad in 2011.
Espe Sunparc America Inc. - 240 Courtney Parkdrive Est – Mississauga, ON L5T 2S5 (Canada) - Tel. +1 (905) 5645445 - Fax +1 (905) 6967794 - -
Headquarters: Espe Sunparc Srl - Via Palladio 47 - Paviola di S. Giorgio - Padova (Italy) - Tel. +39 049-8599500 -

Silfab SpA
Headquartered in Padova, Italy, Silfab S.p.A is a leading vertically integrated provider of PV products and services globally. With activities spanning manufacturing, consulting and energy generation, the company seeks to further the advancement of photovoltaic energy through employing cutting-edge technologies. The company's founders have extensive experience in the PV industry and have partnered with industry-leading engineering firms and equipment providers to establish a team with knowledge and demonstrated success across the entire photovoltaic value chain. Its founding partners include Franco Traverso, an Italian pioneer in the solar energy industry, Pan Asia Solar Ltd., whose principals co-founded some of the most successful listed PV businesses, including the subsidiary solar cell manufacturer Sunrise Global Solar Energy, and Sino- American-Silicon Products Inc., a stock-market listed provider of premium silicon wafers to the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.
Last year, Silfab launched three new series of high-performing PV mono and multi-crystalline modules with a power up to 300 Wp. Last summer, the company also founded the subsidiary Silfab Ontario Inc., a Canadian-based module manufacturing company with an annunal production capability slated to reach 180 MW.
In 2010 the company's revenues reached over 90 million Euros.
Silfab Ontario inc. - 240 Courtney Parkdrive Est – Mississauga, ON L5T 2S5 (Canada) - Tel. 1-855-SILFAB1 (toll free) - +1 (905) 2552501 - Fax +1 (905) 6960267 - -
Headquarters: Silfab SpA - Via Medoaco 4 - 35135 Padova (Italy) - Tel. +39 049 9431374 - Fax +39 049 9439735 - -

Espe Srl
Founded in 1974, Espe provides state-of -the-art energy systems and solutions in many strategic areas from highly technological systems to more traditional energy solutions such as hydroelectric power. Today Espe is a leader in the field of photovoltaics and plays a pivotal role as EPC Contractor for industrial rooftops, ground-mounted solar plants as well as residential system.
Last year Espe designed, mounted and delivered approximately 280 PV solutions for total power generation of more than 70 MWp. Espe focuses its business on turnkey photovoltaic solutions and tracking systems, which have been designed developed and patented by the company itself. The company also provides operation and maintenance, an exclusive 24/7 remote performance monitoring of photovoltaic installations, trouble-shooting and various alarm systems.
Last year, the company realized turnover of 157 million Euros.
Ese Srl - Via Cappello 12 – 35010 San Pietro in Gý – Padova (Italy) - Tel. +39 049 9455033 - Fax +39 049 9455022 – –

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