SportsArt Fitness introduces energy-harnessing Green System with new ECOFIT Networking System

Using exercise to produce electricity for the power grid

SportsArt Fitness, an innovative manufacturer of high-end cardio and strength products is introducing their revolutionary Green System. With a "pod" of fitness products attached to an inverter that harnesses human-generated power from exercisers, the Green System produces electricity and feeds it back into the power grid as useable energy.

The newest innovation in exercise equipment that produces electricity

Anita Miller, Senior Producer Manager for SportsArt Fitness, describes the Green System further: "Power generated by human pedaling is sent to an inverter and then to the power grid of the building. The energy generated through the Green System Products will reduce the building's energy consumption and therefore reduce the cost. One inverter is capable of linking a maximum of 20 Green System Products and produces up to 2000 Watts of power. Depending on how many pods of Green System Products a facility has installed, the energy cost savings can be significant. The more you install, the more savings you will see. Great for health, the environment and the pocket book. Why not do it?"

The new ECOFIT Networking System and Display integrated with Social Media

The ECOFIT Networking System and Display will revolutionize usage of exercise equipment in clubs, fitness facilities, hotels, universities and schools. It's a system that shows users how much electricity they are producing on in-club digital media displays; allows for localized facility and environmental, "green" messaging on the display screen and includes a "points" accumulation system for energy created by the user. These points can then be redeemed at the club or a hotel, university or school with fitness facilities - building brand loyalty and user loyalty for the facility.

ECOFIT system users can also compare their points with other users in contests and competitions. The system is fully integrated with Social Media, includes accessible personal workout data (via the user's email address as the ID) and includes convenient iPhone applications. Users simply insert their ECOFIT card into the machine. Absolutely state-of-the-art with plug and play ease of use.

An industry first

The Green System joins an established line of eco-friendly fitness products offered by SportsArt Fitness. The launch of their ECO-POWRT treadmill five years ago offered club owners a treadmill that uses 32% less energy than the traditional club treadmill. SportsArt also offers complete self-generating ellipticals and cycles that require no outside power to operate. "The combination of our ECO-POWRT treadmill motors and our Green System ellipticals and cycles will save facilities thousands in energy costs," Ken Carpenter, Director of Sales for SportsArt Fitness said. "We welcome the entire industry to become more eco-conscious as we will continue to invest heavily into this crucial green initiative." SportsArt's Green System will reach the market in the 1st Quarter of 2012.

About SportsArt Fitness
SportsArt Fitness is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality cardiovascular and strength equipment for home and commercial use. SportsArt retains control over every aspect of component design and the overall manufacturing process ensuring proper integration, maximum performance and longer product life. SportsArt Fitness holds TUV and ISO 9001/9002 quality certifications and hundreds of worldwide patents for their innovations. For more information on the SportsArt Fitness brand and their latest products visit us on the web at

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