Solar Power UK Roadshow 2012: Coping with the Cuts

Designed to reduce the uncertainty generated by the ongoing feed-in tariff adjustments, the Solar Power UK Roadshow 2012 will travel countrywide addressing industry's most pressing concerns.

Solar Power UK, the events company dedicated to the UK solar industry, has announced a series of roadshow dates under the title ‘Coping with the Cuts'. Designed to reduce the uncertainty generated by the ongoing feed-in tariff adjustments, the Solar Power UK Roadshow 2012 will travel countrywide addressing industry's most pressing concerns.

On October 31 last year, Greg Barker, Minister of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), announced his intention to reduce feed-in tariff (FiT) rates for solar installations in each band up to 50kW by more than 50 percent, as well as imposing a December 12 cut-off date. This proposal came just months after the FiT was significantly reduced for all installations over 50kW.

Government's intention to reduce incentive rates for the second time, coupled with the confusion surrounding the December 12 deadline – which was two weeks before the consultation on feed-in tariffs was due to end – have prompted a great amount of uncertainty among those working in the UK solar industry. In fact, since the October announcement many have prophesised that DECC has killed the UK solar industry dead in its tracks.

The Solar Power UK ‘Coping with the Cuts' roadshow series has been launched on the back of this misunderstanding, seeking to spread the more positive message that the UK solar industry lives on.

Despite several industry players' contempt towards the new FiT rates – which will be reduced to 21p for residential installations, there is still a bright future for the UK solar industry. The sudden decrease in the cost of solar technology meant that fairly severe cuts had to take effect – and fast – in order to create a more level playing field.

Solar Power UK's roadshow speakers will explain how a 4kW solar system installed at the 21p tariff rate on a south-facing roof still has the potential to earn a rate of return of over 8 percent per annum over its 25-year lifespan. The speakers will also put forth the opportunities presented by the upcoming Green Deal and provide information and advice on how to continue to profit from the sun's energy in 2012.

Solar Power UK will tour as a roadshow to six towns across the UK to present half-day events for up to 150 installers.

Dates & Locations

February 29: Celtic Manor, Newport

March 1: Exeter Racecourse, Devon

March 6: Salford Stadium, Greater Manchester

March 7: Novotel, London Heathrow

March 13: Edgbaston, Birmingham

March 14: Newmarket Racecourse, Suffolk

More information about the roadshows, including how to reserve tickets, can be found at

About Solar Power UK

Solar Power UK is the UK's only solar-dedicated events company. Best known for its annual Solar Power UK Conference & Exhibition, the event organiser focuses on guaranteeing the UK solar PV and solar thermal industries' sustainable growth. Solar Power UK 2012 is being held at Birmingham's NEC – the UK's largest exhibition centre. With over 3,600 people taking part in 2011's event, Solar Power UK has cemented its name as the number-one gathering of the UK solar industry. The Solar Power UK Roadshow series will make its debut in February 2012.

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