Southern Energy Management Builds Large Solar Array For IDEAL Fastener

The world's second-largest zipper manufacturer is going solar with nearly 200 kW on the roof of their North Carolina factory.

OXFORD, NC - Southern Energy Management (SEM) is helping the world's second largest zipper manufacturer with sustainability efforts by installing its first solar array. IDEAL Fastener Corporation hired SEM to design and build a 198.24 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof of their factory in Oxford, North Carolina. The project includes 826 of LG's 240-watt solar modules.

"This is a great way for IDEAL Fastener to offset utility bills by selling power back to the utility; but at the same time, they are making a statement in supporting sustainability," said David True, SEM Commercial Solar Services. "It always means a little more for us to work with a company that really cares about the reasons behind a solar project."

Crews from SEM started building the system in October and completed work by mid-December. The installation will generate an estimated 261,280-kilowatt hours of electricity per year, enough to power more than 20 average homes. With help from federal and state incentives, the project has just a four-year payback at current energy rates.

"Southern Energy Management made the entire process easy, especially since this was our first solar installation," said IDEAL Fastener Vice President Steven Gut. "This project was a perfect way to reduce our carbon footprint and make a smart business decision. It's a win-win for everyone involved."

This is not the first time the company has made a conscious effort to promote sustainability; in 2007 the company began offering IDEAL Earth, a line of zippers using 100% recycled polyester yarn. Gut says the plan to harness solar power was something they had examined for several years, and the company is already considering adding more solar arrays to the same site or some of its overseas plants.

Media contacts:
Chris Cowperthwaite, SEM: (919) 836-0330 ext. 129
Steven Gut, IDEAL Fastener: (212) 244-0260

About Southern Energy Management
Southern Energy Management is a North Carolina-based sustainable energy company offering energy efficiency, green building and turn-key solar services for homeowners, builders, companies, government and military clients across the United States. A certified B Corp, SEM's mission is to have a measurable impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, and to build a sustainable triple-bottom-line company. SEM was founded in a living room in Raleigh in 2001, and now employs a team of more than 100 sustainable energy professionals. SEM is consistently recognized as an industry leader both locally and nationally, and is among a small handful of companies in the U.S. to earn the National Energy Star Partner of the Year award five times (in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011). SEM also received the City of Raleigh 2011 Environmental Stewardship Award and the 2010 Green Jobs Award from SJF Institute & Green For All. For more information, visit

About IDEAL Fastener
Established in 1936 in New York City, IDEAL Fastener Corporation is the second largest zipper manufacturer in the world, with operations in over 20 countries world-wide. IDEAL offers zippers for any application including apparel, automotive, furniture, luggage, military, and specialty. Our client list includes virtually every known apparel brand and retailer in the United States and Europe, the US Armed Forces, and numerous Fortune 500 and international manufacturers across a range of industries.

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