Aravis: More power for renewable energy sources

EBM and ewb expedite the production of electricity from wind, small-scale hydro and solar power. For this purpose, these two energy providers have launched together with Aravis the «leading Swiss renewables AG» limited company. The new company will develop in the medium run as a leading producer and operator of renewable energy sources and establish itself as such in this market.

BERN, Switzerland & ZURICH--North-west Swiss energy supplier, EBM, based in Münchenstein and the power supply company in charge of the city of Bern, Energy Water Bern (ewb), share the goal of supporting their future power supply on renewable energy. For this purpose, the new construction and operation of appropriate production capacity at home and abroad will be again massively accelerated. As regards to security of supply, risk, geography and profitability, both companies rely on a well-diversified and balanced mix. In order to secure a long-term investment strategy, both companies together with Aravis have brought «leading Swiss renewables AG» into being. The company's mission is to build in the medium run a sustainable, diversified portfolio of renewable energy production plants in Europe. In addition, it is resourced with an equity of approximately 100 million Euro. EBM is also involved therein with 65 million Euro and ewb with 35 million Euro. This allows for the realization of renewable energy projects with a total volume of over € 200 million Euro. The total installed capacity will be in a first phase 100 megawatts (MW). The company has mandated Aravis for the implementation of the strategy as an investment adviser. Aravis has set a remarkable track record over the last few years as a strong executing partner in the area of renewable energy sources.

The focus of «leading Swiss renewables AG» lies mostly on wind energy. There is an active market for wind power projects in many European countries. Technology is tested but development is still far from complete. In addition to wind power, the portfolio is supplemented with small-scale hydro power plants and photovoltaic systems. Destinations are Germany, the Benelux countries, France, Italy, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Spain. EBM and Aravis have already implemented power plant projects successfully, such as the 42 MW wind farm in Spain and the 6 MW photovoltaic plant in Italy. It has been proven that Aravis has not only distinct industry and finance expertise but also very good knowledge of local, country-specific conditions.

With this latest and strong engagement, EBM and ewb consistently pursue within the scope of their supply strategies the further expansion of renewable energies. Both companies are clearly demonstrating that they don't just wash away their previous, non-conventional energy mixes with green certificates, but that they rather secure the planned energy transition through solid, newly built power plants. Both EBM and ewb use in the wake of the liberalization of electricity markets, the currently available opportunities in order to secure new sources of production for the long-term energy supply and at the same time to fulfil the customers' needs for environmentally friendly produced energy.


EBM has operated internationally since 1897 as an organized association under private law in the energy sector. Its activities include the business portfolios of electricity and power, heat, telecommunications and IT, as well as renewable energy and electrical installations. EBM places its strategy on the three pillars of «renewable energy sources», «energy efficiency and cost-cutting measures» and «security of supply». Today, EBM supplies about 220,000 people in north-western Switzerland and in Alsace with electricity. As a leader in the local heating supply, EBM operates 150 plants across Switzerland as well as within the southern Germany and Alsace area.


Energie Wasser Bern is an independent public company of the city of Bern and one of the five largest municipal power supply companies in Switzerland. Its customers include approximately 70,000 households, 8,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and 100 wholesale customers. The company secures the supply of the city of Bern and of surrounding communities with electricity, natural gas, biogas and water, recycles waste to energy, provides services in the area of electric and gas mobility and builds the glass fibre network in the city of Bern. Energie Wasser Bern is committed to sustainability and thus to a corporate management combining economic, ecological and social aspects. It is committed to implementing customer-oriented long-term secure and economically viable energy supply and to keeping the ecological footprint as small as possible. Energie Wasser Bern employs, as a future-oriented company, over 600 employees and generates annual revenue of more than 400 million francs. Energie Wasser Bern is a partner of Swisspower.


Aravis operates as an established Swiss investment advisor for equity investments in the sector of renewable energy and life sciences. Aravis has more than 30 investors to its customers including industrial companies, pension funds, state funds, insurance companies and family offices. Aravis is currently supervising equity investments of more than a quarter of a billion Swiss francs. The team of Aravis has successfully built, financed and developed over 100 companies at home and abroad. Thereby Aravis offers a comprehensive range of investment consulting on the implementation of investment projects to fund administration. Aravis was founded in 2001 in Zurich.

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