Shams Power Co New General Manager Speaking at MENASOL 2012

With MENASOL 2012 (16th-17th May, Abu Dhabi) almost ready to open its doors, organisers CSP Today are delighted to announce the newly appointed General Manager of the Shams Power Co, Yousif Al Ali, will be joining experts ready to engage with delegates on all things CSP next week in Abu Dhabi.

Shams Power Co will also be joining Masdar in presenting a case study on the 100MW Shams 1 CSP plant.

Shams Power Co is a special purpose vehicle 60 per cent owned by Masdar, 20 per cent by Total and the rest owned by Abengoa. In his new role, Al-Ali will be responsible for directing, managing and coordinating all development and operational activities related to the CSP plant.

At the conference, Al-Ali will be explaining the ins and outs of managing this monumental CSP project in its entirety, from the original planning, to financing and overall completion from the ground up. Covering the technical aspects of the plant will be Francisco Luque, Senior CSP Expert of the renewable energy giant Masdar, who will be explaining the parabolic trough technology with real operational data on performance and durability.

Shams 1 is being constructed in Madinat Zayed in the western region of Abu Dhabi. At 65 per cent completion, the plant is expected to go into commissioning towards the end of the year. With an operational capacity of 100MW, it will rank amongst the largest parabolic trough power stations in the world. The plant represents a major step forward in the region towards the greater integration of sustainable energy sources in an energy market that is dependent on the hydrocarbons.

MENASOL 2012 will discuss how to seize new opportunities and establish critical foundations to accelerate the success of both CSP & PV technology in MENA. A packed agenda will examine in detail every aspect of both technologies, from construction and commissioning to operation and maintenance. Get the view of CSP & PV experts from Abengoa, Siemens, Torresol Energy, ACS Cobra, First Solar, Sunpower and many more.

Site visits are being arranged to the Shams 1 CSP plant in conjunction with MENASOL 2012, so seize the opportunity to visit this landmark solar project for the Middle East and get the knowledge you need to get your plant off the ground. To find out more info, please visit the website: or contact event organizer Max Crompton (

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