Solar Panels Dominating Renewable Sources Of Energy In America

Solar energy is peaking in the United States, according to Solar Home, a leading retailer of solar panels.

Solar energy is peaking in the United States, according to Solar Home, a leading retailer of solar panels.

Up until now, the majority of the world's consumption is still based on fossil fuels – oil (17%), coal (69%), and natural gas (14%). And their average costs increase by 4% per year. As of March 2012, the United States has already consumed 2526 millions of barrels of oil, most of which have been imported. These are resources that are non-renewable and currently depleting. It is feared that with the continuous rise in population and people's unregulated dependence on these resources, the earth may not provide enough by 2025 to sustain our needs. Solar Home is among the companies who have seen the relevance of developing alternative energy sources that are renewable and environmentally friendly.

Now, although wind and hydroelectric power have taken strides to become a viable substitute energy source, solar energy is still considered the most efficient since it is abundant and has the shortest path of transfer that can be directly harnessed for electrical use. Solar panels are the primary instruments utilized to transform solar energy. Although it has not been perfected yet, Solar Home acknowledges that certain improvements in both efficiency and cost (which is declining 10% annually) have been experienced over the years.

Solar installations can now be made without moving parts. This ensures greater endurance against environmental and mechanical wear and tear. And future research into multi-junction solar cells shows promise of increase in energy bandwidth of usable light, making every spectrum of light useful in creating electricity. On top of that, solar panel manufacturers are currently experimenting on the use of silicon in solar film panels to make the device less cumbersome. With this, the possibilities – solar blinds, solar paints, solar cars – are endless.

As of today, the U.S.A is among the top 5 solar power producers in the world along with Germany, Span, Japan and Italy. The top ten states in the country that patronizes this green movement includes California, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico and North Carolina. Moreover, approximately 100,000 people are part of the solar industry of America as of 2011. Considering how this idea was virtually non-existent in the 1990s, solar energy has certainly come far. It won't be surprising if it becomes the foremost energy source in the coming years.

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