City of Somerton, MAC Electric, and GreenVolts Commission Multiple Solar Projects

GreenVolts Continues its Advance in the Southwest U.S. Solar Market

FREMONT, Calif. – MAY 16, 2012 –GreenVolts®, Inc., provider of the industry's first and only complete and fully integrated solar system, today announced the commissioning of three solar projects for the City of Somerton, Arizona. Chosen from a competitive bidding process that considered all renewable technologies, GreenVolts systems provide 416 kW of power required for Somerton's water treatment, public safety and water supply applications.

"The City of Somerton's vision of a comprehensive renewable energy solution in their community is industry leading and includes multiple applications to meet the City's needs," said David Gudmundson, president and CEO of GreenVolts. "Our vision is complementary to theirs in that GreenVolts provides a complete and fully integrated system adaptable to multiple applications and ideal for water treatment, commercial and industrial buildings, parking lots, water supply, and many others."

"These solar projects are the result of the City of Somerton's commitment to providing clean, dependable, affordable energy that will help our economy and benefit our community for many years into the future," said Martin Porchas, Mayor of the City of Somerton. "Our experience with MAC Electric and GreenVolts has been very positive. In fact, we have recently approved yet another project with GreenVolts and MAC Electric."

The City of Somerton is on the leading edge of a trend toward high performance, high yield solar systems. Solar industry analysts predict that growth will be highest in high DNI (direct normal irradiance, a measure of amount of strong, direct sun). GreenVolts systems perform best in these regions, such as the Southwest United States, when compared to other technologies. GreenVolts has focused on serving customers in this area, now adding the City of Somerton to several installations recently completed in Arizona, New Mexico, and California.

"GreenVolts offers a complete system. It eliminates the need for integration, simplifies installation, speeds construction, and lowers costs," said Ari Harrington, president of MAC Electric, Inc. "ISIS®, which is included with the system to manage this portfolio of installations, is unlike any other energy management software available and will make O&M easier and more efficient."

ISIS (Intelligent Software Information System) is included with the GreenVolts system, and is powerful, easy-to-use software to remotely monitor, report, diagnose and control a solar system portfolio of any size. For more about ISIS, register for the free, 1-hour webinar and live demonstration on May 23 by clicking here.

About GreenVolts

GreenVolts®, Inc., founded in 2005, provides the only complete and fully integrated solar system, including modules, trackers, inverters, ISIS® energy management software, networking, AC and DC disconnects, and all DC wiring. With expertise across the entire system, GreenVolts provides support from early planning and continuing over the life of the project. As a result, customers experience unmatched performance, faster installation, easier operation, a new level of customer care, and the lowest cost of energy in the industry.

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