GEA Geothermal Web Recognizes Students Expanding International Geothermal Capacity in Peru, Iceland and Nigeria

- GEA International Showcase to Highlight Top International Geothermal Markets -

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 21, 2012)—On May 23, the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) will bring together the global geothermal community for the annual GEA International Showcase in Washington, DC. Recognizing the importance of geothermal research around the world, the GEA Geothermal Web is also highlighting three students who are working on international geothermal projects in Peru, Iceland and Nigeria. These students are researching and studying different international geographic areas for their geothermal potentials. With the help of their findings, engineers and scientists will be able to make better estimations about which locations will have the highest geothermal energy potential.

"As the GEA International Showcase brings together industry leaders from more than 23 countries, we thought it was the perfect opportunity for the GEA Geothermal Web to recognize the future geothermal industry leaders who are currently working on projects in various regions around the world," said Karl Gawell, Executive Director, GEA. "The findings from their research will help to expand geothermal capacity both domestically and abroad."

Launched by GEA in October 2010 to connect businesses and individuals contributing to and benefiting from the use of geothermal energy and the geothermal industry, The Geothermal Web now also connects students who are interested in pursuing geothermal careers. This month's feature includes:

· Andrés Ruzo, Ph.D. Student, Southern Methodist University (Dallas): For his dissertation, Ruzo is studying in Peru, researching and raising geothermal awareness, conducting geothermal studies and helping to lay the foundations of the geothermal industry in Peru. He is also a National Geographic Young Explorer.

· Joseph Batir, Ph.D. Student, Southern Methodist University (Dallas):

Batir is studying at the Hellisheidi Geothermal Field in Iceland, and is making a stress state model for a geothermal well. With his research, engineers and scientists will have a better understanding of the relationship between stress, drilling, wells and geothermal energy production.

· Lotanna Somadina Ufondu, M.Sc. Student, Technische Universität (Germany): Ufondo is conducting research for his master thesis in Nigeria, where he is working on determining geothermal production potentials at various geographic locations. Testing porosity, permeability, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity, Ufondu is able to better determine sites where wells will be successful in producing geothermal energy.

The complete student features can be accessed here:

The International Showcase is hosted by GEA, in collaboration with the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of State, and the Export-Import Bank of the United States. The event features speakers from every region of the world including the Caribbean, Latin America, East Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. The Showcase will bring together geothermal industry leaders and encourage discussion about government policies and geothermal project developments, providing opportunities to learn about the best procedures and tactics to expand geothermal production domestically and abroad.

To register for the International Geothermal Energy Showcase, please visit To request press credentials, please contact Shawna Seldon, The Rosen Group, 212-255-7541 or

About the Geothermal Energy Association:

The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) is a trade association composed of U.S. companies who support the expanded use of geothermal energy and are developing geothermal resources worldwide for electrical power generation and direct-heat uses. GEA advocates for public policies that will promote the development and utilization of geothermal resources, provides a forum for the industry to discuss issues and problems, encourages research and development to improve geothermal technologies, presents industry views to governmental organizations, provides assistance for the export of geothermal goods and services, compiles statistical data about the geothermal industry, and conducts education and outreach projects. For more information, please visit

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