FuelCell Energy Announces Service Agreement Renewals

Multiple Customers Extend Service Agreements for Up to 15 Years

DANBURY, Conn., May 29, 2012 -- FuelCell Energy, Inc.

(Nasdaq:FCEL) a leading manufacturer of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable
fuel cell power plants, today announced the extension of service agreements
with four existing customers for terms up to 15 years. The Direct
FuelCell(R) (DFC(R)) power plants are owned by the customers and under the
service agreements, FuelCell Energy will continue to operate and maintain
the plants. The total value of the service agreements is approximately $15
million. Three different fuel cell markets are represented by these
customers including education, municipal wastewater treatment, and food

"A fundamental cornerstone of our business model is keeping our customers
satisfied, which generates growth in our Services business,"
said Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer, FuelCell Energy,
Inc. "By having FuelCell Energy responsible for the operation and
maintenance of the power plants, our customers can concentrate on their core

"Existing customers extending service agreements is a strong testament to
the favorable economic profile of our fuel cell power plants as well as the
many benefits of clean on-site power generation," said Tracy Reid, Vice
President Western Region, FuelCell Energy, Inc. "The high efficiency of the
fuel cell power generation process is valued by clients as it reduces fuel
costs and the virtual lack of pollutants from the fuel cell power generation
process supports compliance with clean air regulations and sustainability

FuelCell Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for fuel cell
power plants and ancillary equipment with service agreements ranging from
one to 20 years in duration. Technicians and engineers remotely operate and
maintain the Direct FuelCell power plants globally, 24 hours per day, 365
days per year from the state-of-the-art Global Technical Assistance Center,
located at the Company's Danbury, Connecticut headquarters. Field service
technicians directly employed by FuelCell Energy service the power plants

DFC power plants electrochemically convert a fuel source into electricity
and heat in a highly efficient process that emits virtually no pollutants
due to the absence of combustion. DFC power plants are fuel flexible,
capable of operating on natural gas or renewable biogas.
Efficiency of up to 90 percent can be achieved when the DFC plant is
configured for combined heat and power (CHP). High efficiency reduces fuel
costs and carbon emissions, and producing both electricity and heat from the
same unit of fuel can reduce the use of combustion based boilers used for
heating, further reducing costs and pollutants.

About FuelCell Energy

Direct FuelCell(R) power plants are generating ultra-clean, efficient and
reliable power at more than 50 locations worldwide. With over 180 megawatts
of power generation capacity installed or in backlog, FuelCell Energy is a
global leader in providing ultra-clean baseload distributed generation to
utilities, industrial operations, universities, municipal water treatment
facilities, government installations and other customers around the world.
The Company's power plants have generated more than one billion kilowatt
hours of ultra-clean power using a variety of fuels including renewable
biogas from wastewater treatment and food processing, as well as clean
natural gas. For more information please visit our website at

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