The Clenergy Preview of the Intersolar 2012 (Hall C2, Stand 379)

The World Premiere of the First Clenergy PV Mounting System for All Trapezoidal Sheet Roofs A system boasting a high level of quality and load capacity, simple assembly and only 5 components Cologne, Germany, April 2012

The Clenergy PV-ezRack Trapezoidal Pro is the company's new high-quality universal mounting system for PV- systems on trapezoidal sheet roofs with thicknesses of 0.4mm and above. The system is made of anodised aluminium rails with an EVA coating and special screws that enable it to be screwed in without chipping. PV-ezRack Trapezoidal Pro is quick and easy to mount and has a high load capacity. It will celebrate its world premiere at the Intersolar 2012 exhibition and will then be available on the market from summer 2012 onwards.

Clenergy's new PV-ezRack Trapezoidal Pro mounting system is suitable for fixing frame modules onto all common trapezoidal sheet roofs with thicknesses of 0.4mm and at angles of 10 and above. It consists of a short guide rail and can be installed on raised beads that are as little as just 20mm wide thanks to its mounting form. As is also the case with all of its components, the system material consists of weatherproof and corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium rails. The EVA coating on the underside of the system and three pre-drilled fixing holes guarantee fully rainproof mounting and an optimally high load capacity. Depending on the thickness of the sheet roof, stainless steel screws with special cutter heads can be used to enable the system to be screwed in without chipping.

The system, which is supplied in its finished pre-assembled form, also comes with Clenergy's patented Z-module clips that can be simply clipped on from above. The small number of components that come with the system enables it to be rapidly mounted in no time at all.

The fact that only a few components are required also enables retailers and wholesalers to benefit from favourable transportation and storage costs.

Other Clenergy Exhibition Highlights
Alongside its new PV-ezRack Trapezoidal Pro, Clenergy will also be exhibiting a range of other high-performance mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs and for ground mounting at the event in Munich:
Roof-installation system: The PV-ezRack SolarRoof Pro mounting system for pitched roofs with slopes ranging from 15-60 can be quickly and easily mounted. The module clips (28-57mm) are simply clipped on from above. The system consists of (anodised) aluminium profiles in various lengths ranging from 2560mm to 6100mm. Components such as stainless steel roof hooks for all types of tile are also available.
Flat roofs: The PV-ezRack SolarMatrix Pro is made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium and is a non-penetrating system that can be mounted onto flat roofs. It can be flexibly adjusted to fit framed modules of all sizes and can also be folded with the modules and then closed again to enable easy cleaning and repair work. Thanks to this exclusive solution, maintenance of the system is considerably simplified and much cheaper.
The PV-ezRack Solar Tripod is a triangular stand system made of anodised aluminium. It can be used on flat roofs with a slope of up to 5 and on pitched surfaces, for example roofs with east/west orientation. The solar modules can be mounted in portrait format, meaning that the system is also suitable for narrow roof surfaces. The system can be installed using ballast and can also be fixed with stair bolts in the case of pitched roofs.

Ground-mount systems: With its PV-ezRack SolarTerrace II and SolarTerrace III, Clenergy will also be exhibiting two floor-standing systems for all types of ground, even in areas with a high wind and snow load, at the event. The single-post Solar Terrace II system is installed using ram mounting posts and the Solar Terrace III, which has two posts, is mounted on concrete foundations. To a large extent, the components on all framed modules have been pre-installed, meaning that the modules can be quickly and securely mounted.

Solar controllers round off the range of products that will be offered by Clenergy at the Intersolar 2012 exhibition.

About Clenergy
Clenergy, which is based in Xiamen (China) and Melbourne (Australia), develops, manufactures and sells high-quality mounting systems for commercial and private PV systems on flat roofs and pitched roofs and in open spaces, inverters with G83 and G59 certification (MCS) and solar controllers for stand-alone facilities. Clenergy was founded in 2006 and is ISO 9001-2008 accredited. All of its products have been tested by the German Technical Inspection Association (TV) and comply with international standards. Its certified Z-modules and the fact that it only uses high-quality materials such as anodised aluminium and stainless steel means that Clenergy represents products with a recognised high level of quality and safety that are easy to mount and extremely durable. Clenergy's European headquarters were opened in Germany in 2010, followed by the opening of its own branch in the UK (Northampton) in October 2011.

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SOLTEC - SFOne single axis tracker

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