MECASOLAR launches new 140kWp horizontal single-axis tracker

It stands out because it is easier and faster to install and increases output by 30% as compared to fixed mount systems. · It has up to 12 axes driven by a single motor. Each axis can carry up to 48 modules. · This means each solar panel can reach a power of 140kWp and an area of 960m2. · The assembly of beams, girders and other parts in the facility is made with fastening devices (without welding), which reduces installation and machinery costs. · As of the end of last year, the multinational company had manufactured and supplied 343 MW in trackers installed in 498 solar PV farms worldwide since its establishment. · The company has manufacturing plants in Spain, Greece, USA, Canada and India, and branches in UK, Germany, France, Australia, Thailand and China.

5 June 2012. MECASOLAR, a multinational company that designs, manufactures and supplies solar trackers, fixed structures and foundation screws, has launched a new 140kWp horizontal single-axis solar tracker.

Designed and supplied by MECASOLAR, the new solar tracker's modular, low height structure results in simple assembly that does not require cranes or lifting equipment, thus saving time in the installation. The assembly of this tracker is faster than that of a fixed mount system; in addition, it can increase power output by 30%, depending on the latitude of the location, as compared to fixed systems thanks to the horizontal tracking function.

Another remarkable aspect of the assembly in the field is that all the parts (beams, rails, etc.) are held together with fasteners and no welding is required, which saves time and reduces costs.

The tracker can have up to 12 axes moved by a single motor. Each axis can carry up to 48 modules, 11.6kW per axis. This means that each horizontal tracker with a single motor can reach a power of 140kWp and a solar panel area of 960m2.

Not only is this new type of tracker easily assembled, but it is easily delivered as well, because it is made of separate parts. It was designed at the MECASOLAR R&D Department to be carried disassembled in standard containers. This means there are two transport possibilities: in pairs of 2MW in 9 containers, or in single units of 1MW in 5 containers. For example, you need 41 standard containers to carry 9MW to the site. This way, MECASOLAR can supply trackers the world over from its manufacturing plants in Spain, Italy, Greece, USA, Canada, Australia and India.

The fact that you can use different types of foundations saves time in ground preparation too. The foundations you can use include concrete footing in situ, precast footing, Mecascrew foundation screws from MECASOLAR or any compatible foundation devices available on the market.

Besides, the hot-dip galvanised steel and the Dacromet coated fasteners ensure durability and robustness.

In addition, the low height (50cm) means lower environmental impact and little construction work because the pillar section is small. The simple modular design of the axes allows for perfect adaptability to different types of ground and dimensions. Besides, the system requires almost no maintenance and consumption is very low (motor consumption: 165kWh/year).

Global manufacturing

The new HORIZONTAL single-axis solar tracker from MECASOLAR, whose global launch has been scheduled for this June, adds to the POLAR tracker, which the company started to sell last December. Both trackers were developed by the multinational company's R&D Department to complete the product portfolio, including dual-axis and single-axis trackers, fixed structures and foundation screws.

MECASOLAR meets a wide array of customer needs for different types of structures and facilities, from trackers and fixed mount systems for plants in BIG UTILITIES to fixed roof mounted solutions for the RESIDENTIAL market and single- or dual-axis trackers for medium-sized facilities in the COMMERCIAL and SMALL UTILITIES segment.


From 2005 to 2011, MECASOLAR supplied a total 343.4MW. This is equivalent to 27,169 solar trackers manufactured and installed. Currently, the company's single- and dual-axis solar trackers and fixed structures can be found in 498 solar PV farms around the world.

According to MECASOLAR sources, Mexico, South Africa and India are the target markets where the company is planning to expand in the near future. Also, the firm is considering product diversification strategies to include other solar technologies using tracking systems.//

MECASOLAR horizontal single-axis tracker (MS-1EH) – Technical specifications

Type of tracking system HORIZONTAL single-axis tracker with or without backtracking
Peak power 105.6kWp to 139.2kWp (modular system)
Max. No. axes 12
kWp per axis 9.6 to 11.6 (depending on power and number of modules)
No. modules per axis 36 to 48
Control type PLC programming with optional backtracking and wind protection system
Movement sensor Inclinometer
Fixed zenith angle tilt of modules Standard: 0º
Rotation angles +45º to -45º
Rotating system Electromechanical
Transmission mechanism Linear, driving up to 12 axes
Motor power 2.2kW (estimated power consumption: 165kWh/year)
Input voltage at control board Single phase 230 V
Work at the location and
part assembly No welding required on location. Parts are assembled with fastening devices.
Transport and logistics Optimised transport and logistics in OPENTOP 40ft standard containers (example: 5 containers 1MW // 9 containers 2MW)
Module area 726m2 (7,815ft2) to 960m2 (10,334ft2)
Structure material Hot-dip galvanised steel under ISO 1461 standard or A123/A123M standard Fastening materials made of class 8.8 steel with Dacromet 500 Grade B treatment
Dimensions: length x width x height From 60m x 35m x 2m (197ft x 115ft x 6ft)
to 66m x 42m x 2m (217ft x 138ft x 6ft) height at 45º
Max. distance between axes 6m (19.7ft)
Max. load From 12,320kg (27,161lb)
to 16,128kg (35,560lb), with 28kg (61.73lb) modules
Max. wind speed 140km/h (115mph**) in 3-sec gusts (in defence position)
Structure weight without modules From 8,895kg (19,600lb)
to 12,430kg (27,400 lb). Modules and motor not included
Height over the ground (lowest part of modules at 45º) 0.5m (1.64ft) It varies with depth of screw and relief features of the area.
Fixing Options: MECASCREW or similar foundation screws Micropiles Concrete footing in situ or precast
Warranty 2 years (extended warranty available)
Compliance with standards Electricity: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC, UL
Structure: Eurocode; ASCE 7-10, LRFD Manual, 13th edition; CFE-2008 (wind, seismic hazard); AS/NZS, IS, SANS
** Basic wind speed from ASCE 7-10


MECASOLAR specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of single- and dual-axis solar trackers, ground-mounted fixed structures and foundation screws for solar PV facilities and roof-mounted fixed structures. It has manufacturing plants in Spain, Greece, Canada and USA.

All MECASOLAR devices use cutting-edge technology. Its dual-axis trackers can increase solar PV energy generation by over 35% as compared to fixed installations. Its single-axis azimuth trackers improve output by 28% as compared to fixed structures and need a comparatively small space — 2.51ha/MW (6.2 acres/MW). The company also manufactures fixed structures that can adapt to all kinds of surfaces and power. Together with the universal foundation screw MECASCREW, they provide customers with a global solution.

The MECASOLAR single-axis POLAR tracker, launched in December 2011, has a capacity of 114.4kWp, improving PR and reducing investment per Wp, thus increasing the profitability of installations.//

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