Siliken showcases its latest development for the PV solar market at Intersolar

The online rooftop configuration tool, energyBox, and the 72-cell modules are the company's latest products

Siliken has chosen the international Intersolar fair to showcase its latest production launches on the market. One of the most attractive and internationally acclaimed products is energyBox, a PV system that offers more than 100 structural solutions for the design of any type of residential and industrial rooftops. The kit is scalable and therefore allows covering any rooftop size by connecting several energyBoxes.

Developing the energyBox, Siliken selected each element to ensure the best performance, which results in a fully optimised system, both electrically and mechanically. The kit includes all of the necessary components for any residential and industrial rooftop PV installation, such as modules, structure, inverters as well as electrical components (AC/DC connection boxes, counter, cables, and connectors).

Siliken also developed an online configuration tool with which fitters themselves design and optimise rooftop installations, using the energyBox kit. Recently, the company launched an International Training Plan in 5 countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Belgium) to provide installers with knowledge of this application, which can be accessed through the Siliken web page. This way, the company reaches out to its customers, the installers, providing free of charge technical support as well as an in-depth understanding of the high performance level of the product.

energyBox is part of Siliken's continuous development; the company is constantly investigating the market needs to be able to offer effective solutions. Another new product introduction at Intersolar has been the 72-cell module, developed by Siliken, which yields the same power with 20% fewer modules, therefore saving components, cutting operating costs and installation time.

Siliken's 72-cell modules are available in Europe and America, which is in line with the company's policy to release its new technology in the countries in which it is active. The maximum power generated by the multicrystalline modules is 305Wp with +3/0% tolerance. They are UL, TV and Intertek certified for worldwide applications. The efficiency of the multicrystalline modules is up to 15.7%, while monocrystalline modules peak 16%.

Siliken, Innovation Experience

Siliken is an international company developing solutions for the renewable energy industry, especially in the area of photovoltaic solar energy. Its activities range from the production of solar-grade silicon, the manufacture of PV installations and components to promotion, maintenance and after-sales services. Siliken has module production plants in Spain, Mexico and Rumania, next to its own purification plant for solar-grade silicon in Spain. Siliken modules are subjected to strict quality control tests in order to guarantee product efficiency, flexibility and durability. Testimony to this are the No. 1 ranking in 2010 and the No. 2 ranking in 2011 in the leading independent survey carried out in the test laboratories of the Photon Laboratory Magazine in Aachen, Germany.

Today, Siliken continues its international expansion, strengthening its position as a reference in the world of renewable energy.

Siliken Germany
Siliken started operations in the German market in 2007 and currently it has a stable sales team of 15 people. Headquarters of Siliken in Germany is in Berlin, and the company gives coverage to this important market where Siliken is intensely working.

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