Only the Best: NABCEP Certification for Solar Installers

What professional field has the potential to grow exponentially outside of the internet?

The United States Government provides tax breaks for all businesses and individuals that install energy efficient equipment. Residential solar installations is growing faster than the commercial market, but solar installations as a whole are expected to double this year, from last year. California boasts the largest PV Installations Facility in the world and the Governor of California signed legislation requiring California's utilities to obtain 33% of their electricity from renewable energy by 2020.

Renewable Energy has the capability of providing you a financially secure career while enabling you to do something important for our ecosystem. There are approximately 7,000 PV installers located in the US with the number of installers who have NABCEP Certification rising. More than 177,000 PV installations have been performed in the United States alone with most installations having been within the last few years. With the cost of Solar Paneling reducing and electricity rising, homeowners are beginning to see the financial benefit of renewable energy.

As an NABCEP Certified PV Installer, career options expand. NABCEP Certification instills trust between you and your client. Open your horizons to a brighter future and set yourself apart. Being an NABCEP Certified PV Installer gives you an advantage over your colleagues, showing your client that you want to provide the highest quality installation with the most qualified knowledge available.

New applicants learning about PV installation and solar paneling have an opportunity to join the NABCEP Entry Level Program. This program will provide the basic fundamentals of safety, electrical work, designs and installation processes. Passing the NABCEP Entry Level exam opens more doors to achieve success as a PV installer. Though you do not need the NABCEP Entry Level Program to begin your career, the more you learn in your field, the more valuable of an employee you become. Over 11,000 individuals have passes the NABCEP Entry Level Exam; why shouldn't you be one of them?

The NABCEP exam for installers is given at approximately 21 different locations across 18 states with an NABCEP class and exam scheduled twice a year. This year, NABCEP is offering the NABCEP Exam for their entry level program online, making certifying even easier. Decide which NABCEP class is right for you and begin the steps to your brighter future today.

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