Pritech Network Presents KVM Switches and KVM Drawers

Environmental monitoring systems prevent hardware damage to server rooms, data centers and network closets with critical condition alerts and remote reboot capability.

Pritech Network is a leading provider of IT and KVM remote access and management solutions. We are excited to unveil the new secure web-based KVM switches. Our newest feature on our catalog– KVM Switches and KVM Drawers. These two are essential for many fields these days. With the growing use of them in technology, one also needs to know about them in detail. Here is some of the features and usages of KVM switches and drawers.

KVM Switches allows one user to control over multiple computers at a time using this device. As you know this device is controlling multiple computers by using one set of KVM, it can be used to control up to 64 computers at a time and greater number can be controlled by chaining such devices. This device has a button on them and user can switch between the machines using the buttons.
The range of KVM switches starts from 2 to 32 ports. KVM switches supports to all operating systems and bandwidth of 200 MHz. It can be used in various fields like, IT, governmental, financial, business, and for many commercial purposes. We are providing below listed KVM Switches:
• VGA USB KVM Switch
• VGA USB Multi-User Matrix Switch
• VGA USB Touch screen and CAC Reader Compatible KVM Switch
• VGA USB Touch screen and CAC Reader Compatible KVM Matrix Switch
• DVI USB KVM Switch – 2-Port
• DVI USB High Density KVM Switch
• VGA SUN PC One-User Switch
• VGA SUN PC Multi-User Matrix Switch
• VGA PS/2 KVM Switch with RS232 Control Option
• DVI PS/2 KVM Switch / Dual Monitor DVI KVM Switch
• VGA Zero-U KVM Switch via CAT5
• VGA KVM Matrix Switch via CAT5
• Remote KVM Server Management over IP
The KVM drawer is a hardware device which integrates a keyboard, mouse and monitor into a compact sliding unit. It is placed inside a server rack or cabinet. The entire unit is made up in a heavy-duty aluminum or metal framework. It is a pace saving device as it occupies only 1U or 2U of rack space inside the rack. The KVM drawers offer multi platform support. It works with various types of operating systems like windows, UNIX, Linux etc. There are various types and models are available in the market nowadays. We are happy to provide you below listed items in this category:
• 15/17″ VGA USB + PS/2 KVM Drawer
• 15/17″ DVI USB + PS/2 KVM Drawer
• 17″ VGA USB + PS/2 KVM Drawer with Real Mouse
• 20″ VGA or DVI USB + PS/2 KVM Drawer 1RU high
• SUN USB Keyboard Mouse Drawer
• VGA USB KVM Drawer with Liquidproof/Spillproof Keyboard
• Low Cost USB Keyboard Mouse Drawer
• VGA PS/2 KVM Drawer with Liquidproof/Spillproof Keyboard
• Ultra Compact VGA PS/2 KVM Drawer
• PS/2 Keyboard Mouse Drawer
• Low Cost PS/2 Keyboard Mouse Drawer
All of these KVM units have inbuilt onscreen display for ease of operation and setup. It requires no additional software installation; it can be controlled via push buttons or key commands.
Its features includes onscreen color display that controls color brightness, clock, contrast, color, V.Position , H. Position, Scaling, Phase, Auto configuration, adjust and save screens.
It is a cost-effective solution for server rooms, the KVM drawers is a boon for network administrator, as it saves valuable space and facilitate them to access their computer systems through customary server rack milieu.
About the company:
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